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joining the proactiv+ team review before joining the proactiv+ team review before

So, if you've been following me on instagram, you probably know I have just very recently embarked on a campaign with Proactiv+.

So long story short, you know I've had problematic skin since foreveeeer (since I was 11 when I first got my period). The breakouts have changed and migrated quite a lot during the years and it gets weirder and weirder by the minute.

Because I have PCOS, it's quite hormonal and nothing I ever put on my face is going to make me not have breakouts! HOWEVER, it recently has become very annoying, with whiteheads more than actual pustules, and not only on my chin (usual spot for the nasty little things) but also my cheeks, specially my left one. And I do believe skincare may have some effect on these since they might be somewhat on the surface of the skin!? I don't know...
Never too late to try something though - said the girl who's tried everything! (Honestly, it's a long list!)

So the brand thought I'd be a good candidate for this campaign and I said yes! For various reasons... You know I don't usually go hand in hand with this type of skincare and specially programs (like 3 steps and such) because they're usually quite drying and tailored for teenager skin types (which mine has sadly outgrown, becoming very dehydrated and sensitive). So here are my reasons:

  1. They don't want me to sugarcoat things; they want honest reviews + honest results - even if they're not as optimistic as they'd hoped, we took before (and will be taking after) pictures to make sure we're all being quite transparent

  2. The ingredient lists: one look at them and I could tell this was no run-of-the-mill drying treatment, but rather a gentle and smart solution to this skin concern of mine that won't leave me itchy and burning

  3. They had us meet with a dermatologist who specialises on this specific subject and skin concern and who talked with me for quite a while about my skin history and listened with an open mind (a sufferer herself); plus she told me the own brand's wipes are not recommended because wipes generally suck! (I'm paraphrasing, of course, but still.) And so I trust her even more!

  4. They selected real people with real "messed up" skin for this campaign and that just warms my heart

  5. Finally, because... I'm tired of my itchy and uncomfortably red and bumpy skin and nothing's not worth a try!

So, there you go... You can see my before photos above and I'll be doing their skincare regime religiously for about 5-6 months and will report my results during the process and after as well with comparison photos.

I've had the trio you see above with me for a week and I've used them day and night (with only the help of an outside facial oil because otherwise my face squeaks) and I can honestly say they feel amazing on the skin and are SUPER DUPER gentle.
I'm also adding their texturising toner very soon as well and I will be trying their concealer too.
So I'll report back on results very soon :)