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2014 Beauty Favourites: Everything Else

If you haven't seen the blog's latest post, here it is, presenting you with my 2014 skincare favourites. So today I bring you my favourites in everything else beauty:

  1. Invisibobble - the colour doesn't really matter, this product was revoluctionary for me because I have scalp psoriasis so I have a lot of sensitivity there (and my super heavy hair that is so thick and in an absurd quantity doesn't help at all), I can't live without these!
  2. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic's Skin Conceal (shade Y0) - the best thing for localized problems, like spots, need it in my life, always - also, perfect shade match!
  3. Clarins's illuminating primer Instant Light (shade Rose) - it will leave your skin with a wonderful glow that I admit I quite enjoy
  4. Clarins's Instant Concealer (shade #01) - looooooove! I'd like it to be a wincy bit lighter, but I still adore this: texture, coverage, how it blends- just amazing!
  5. Lord & Berry's Luminizing Stick (shade Moon) - as I said on the review, this is my favourite luminizer, with a nice touch of fine glitter, but so subtle, you won't notice
  6. Jane Iredale's Lash Conditioner/Primer - I swear I don't know how I lived before I found this, it was just downright silly - highly recommend for those of you who enjoy long, volumous, curly lashes
  7. Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau de Toilette - yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! I don't usually repeat perfumes, but this one I just must! I'm completely addicted - chic, elegant, sexy, everything that's good for winter!
  8. Spausa Portugal's Amazon Oil - this oil was a huge surprise for me and I still buy it because, mainly for the winter, this is a bodycare staple all the way; the scent is just out of this world and the texture and result are WOW!
  9. Caudalie's Divine Oil - always go back to this; use it constantly, mainly for my hair, because it's super light but still nourishing - maybe good for fine hair that can't handle heavier oils like mine
  10. L'Oréal Professionnel's Absolut Repair Lipidium Mask - I am so upset I did not try this when it came out because, as you know, I've had a really tough time with my hair (it's still pretty rough but better)... This mask deeply nourishes and softens the hair and it's been a huge help! It's been the only one that gets my hair to behave for the whole week. It's probably too much for finer hair, but for thick porous hair, this is the best!
  11. Macadamia's Deep Repair Masque - before I found the Lipidium mask, this was my saviour and I still love it! It's a really good alternative for finer hair as it's less heavy, but it will still nourish the heck out of it and it smells amazing
  12. Evo Fabuloso Color Intensifying Conditioner (shade Platinum) - as I'm not really blonde anymore, this product kind of just got shoved into a corner for when those days come back (and they will), but this is honestly the best anti-brassiness product there is for blonde hair, love it like a love song!
  13. Macadamia's Flawless Cleansing Conditioner - this one is a recent passion, but a ca-razy one nevertheless! I'd been trying cleansing conditioners for a while, but this is, without a doubt, my favourite: your hair will be clean, soft, manageable and it won't hurt your scalp conditions, if you have 'em

Have you tried any of these?

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