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2014 Beauty Favourites: Skincare

After fighting myself a lot while trying to reduce this list to the maximum, I still wound up with a whopping... 27 products! So I divided these in two parts: skincare and everything else! (You can see how nuts I am about skincare, right?)
So I bring you the group of products that rocked me this year, some of which I've already spoken of, some of which I will soon, for sure:

  1. Bioderma's micellar water for dry and dehydrated skin types Hydrabio H2O - not much more to add, it's more comfortable than the Sensibio and I love it
  2. May Lindstrom's The Honey Mud Cleansing Silk - this is paradise in a cleanser; I love it and cannot stop recommending it, even though the pricetag is quite hefty
  3. Emma Hardie's Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm - the review of this product will be coming soon but it was love at first use: skin is fresh but comfortable and nourished, no stinging or drying and the double-sided cloth is actually amazing, the softer part is the fluffiest thing ever
  4. The Konjac Sponge Co.'s Konjac sponge - this one is the red clay one because it's the one I'm using now, but, if you read the review, I've tried others and they're all amazing, I can't live without them anymore, your skin will be baby-soft and super clean
  5. Yüli Skincare's lip conditioner - not, it's not a regular lip balm or chapstick, it's a lip conditioner in oil form that really nourishes the lips, I'm head over heels, always apply it before bed, before the actual lip balm
  6. Nuxe's Rêve de Miel lip balm - well, this is the lip balm I apply at night and it deserves all the credit of the hype (it won't really heal really bad chapped skin, but it does hydrate and nourish deeply)
  7. LUSH's Oatifix fresh mask - oh this review can't come any sooner, this is definitely the BEST mask for dry and dehydrated skin types I've ever tried and I believe it even helps my acne, LOVE!
  8. Tammy Fender's Intensive Repair Balm - Nothing to add, love it!
  9. Odacité's Hyperpigmentation Booster Pa + G - I love this, gotta review it; they have a tons of oils for all skin concerns - dying to try more
  10. Sisley's All Day All Year (anti-aging cream and daily protector against UVA/UVB)* - I've only ever experimented two samples of this (so 20ml) and that's why I haven't fully reviewed it but this is amazing, would love to try a full-size!
  11. Sesderma's Hidraderm Hyal Cream - This brand has been a real surprise and I love this cream, it's not super duper nourishing but it's charged with hyaluronic acid so it's reallyyyyy hydrating
  12. Sesderma's Kojicol Plus anti-spot gel - this gel, paired with the Odacité oil, has been doing miracles for my acne spots, gotta review it as well
  13. Guinot's Gentle Eye Cleansing Gel - now I thought I loved Lierac's Dioptidemaq and I was so sad when they discontinued it, but I'm glad they did because I went on a hunt for a new gel-textured eye make up remover and found this wonder - have been using it for over 2 months and, in that period, only two, TWO, eyelashes have fallen out while removing makeup (before I could count on at least one leaving me). I noticed the difference in my lash line in the first month, can't live without!
  14. Sisley's Black Rose Mask e Facial Oil* - yes, yes, yes, everything that's good in the world when you need luminosity and hydration, review will be up soon

Have you tried any of these of have them on your wishlist?
What were your 2014 products?

*PR Sample