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Acne Night routine (with Skin.pt) | AD

This Sunday I'm bringing you a video about a subject I've been talking about a lot lately: ACNE.
I recently created two acne-routines, one high end and the other one low-cost. And, this time, I got together with the Portuguese parapharmacy Skin.pt to show you a complete routine of french pharmacy skincare products - some of these are already with 25% off due to their Christmas promotion but the rest of them will also be with 25% off tomorrow (from the 23th to the 29th). They do ship internationally and the shipping is FREE when you spend 90€.

Have you used any of these products? Which are your favourite acne products?

*Products gently offered by the store skin.pt for the purpose of the video but I chose the products and had tested them all beforehand so I genuinely believe in them and that they're the best you can get pharmacy-wise