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Anti-(Acne)Spots Treatments Part I

Very, very, veeeery late, but, finally, I bring you the beginning of the post where I'll tell you about some of the products I'm using to get rid of my acne marks and spots - I still have acne and I'm trying to fight it at the same times as I erase some of the leftover marks! ;)

First, and foremost, the key is to exfoliate and hydrate! It seems like moisturising isn't as important, but, mainly for the marks (everyone who has serious acne eventually ends up with some marks, they may not be that deep, but they're there... awful, yes!), because, when the skin stops being elastic and flexible, it gets damaged much more easily - everyone knows that a dry skin tends to have more wrinkles, and the exact same happens with acne marks.

So, the first product I want to talk about with this subject in mind is the Make a Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Treatment by ORIGINS. This product is a treatment, so it must be used after the serum and before the moisturiser (if you don't use a serum, just use it before the moisturiser ;)). After so many raves from Estée from Essie-Button and from Kate from Gh0stParties. And I like it! It's not a miracle product, it's not heaven-on-earth, but, yes, it's good! It hydrates the skin and helps with dry ptaches - it has sillicones, which can be a real turnoff for many people, but I kind of get along with them. I like it and recommend it! It's a good supplement to sensitized and dry skin.

At the end of the week (and, sometimes, even during the week), I'll use the renewing mask for sensitive skintypes F10 by REN. I've talked about it here and I continue to love this dear! I already have the Glycolactic one and, soon, I will compare the two here. There's not really much to add: the skin is radiant and well exfoliated after using it.

Usually, after F10, I'll use the Intensive Revitalizing Mask from the whitening anti-spots range White Glove by ELIZABETH ARDEN (this range is not available in Portugal). It's a sheet mask that you must leave for 15 minutes on your skin and it is wonderful! You can't tell the effects right away, but, because you let it sink in like a serum and leave it overnight, the day after, the skin is really luminous and healthy. And, using regularly, you can really tell that the acne spots are going away. This mask is expensive, but, fortunately, I was able to get it with a super discount. I love it! And I just don't want it to end, because it's just too expensive to re-purchase.

As night skincare (and we know our cell turnover happens mainly or more intensively during the night), I use, after my toner, one of the most famous serums of the world: the Advanced Night Repair II by ESTÉE LAUDER. I had already spoken of the original version in this empties post and, now, I'm experimenting the most recent version and I am loving it. I love this serum/treatment! It just works: it helps the spots and the marks and helps speed up the healing process of the active pimples. I recommend it to anyone really! Don't let the anti-age publicity spook you, it is great for everyone from like 18/20 years old and, having acne, it can even be used earlier. And, then, every other night, I'll use the Renew Overnight moisturizer for oily and combination skintypes by SKINCEUTICALS. This package is the one with the travel-sizes but there's actually a full-size version available in a pot. I LIKE IT! Yes, I like it a lot! It helps the acne, I love the texture, the touch, the results... Everything! It also speeds up the cell turnover process and reveals a more beautiful skin! It has great reviews and I really understand why! :)

So, for now, that's about it! But I do have some other products I'm trying out now, I'll keep you updated! ;)

Have you experimented any of these? Do you suffer from acne or the marks it left behind? How do you deal with it and what products do you use? Tell me everything!