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Anti-(Acne) Spots Treatments Part II

When we speak of spots... I think I've experimented a bit of everything - you can see the first part of this article here. I also experimented the Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum by Antipodes, the wipe-off gel by DiorSnow, the hydrating and exfoliating serum Retexturing Activator by SkinCeuticals, the range Even Better by Clinique and also, recently, the Healing Light Night Cream by Kimberly Sayer. (Besides all the chemical and physicals exfoliators, which always help in these matters!)

After all these products, I bring you new ones. Which of them is the best?

Let's start by the Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser by Superdrug, recommended by Kate from Ghostparties. It's a cream cleanser that is sulphate-free, of course, and that gently cleanses the skin without stripping. I don't feel like it does much spot-wise, but how much can a cleanser really do about it? Deep down, I like it a lot and I do think it's one of my favourite cleansers - and, for its price, it's quite handy.
Then we have **REN's Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, which is always a winner, which ever way we roll! As you know, I recommend :)
Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner by Clarins, which is meant to be used 2-3 times a week, is an exfoliating toner that I love! It's great for the lazy ones who don't have time / don't like to wait for a mask to act or to use a scrub, you just have to apply a bit of liquid on a cotton pad and swipe it across your face; no waiting or removing anything! Besides, it's good for sensitive skin types if used properly (always test your skin and see how many times a week it needs the exfoliation) (much better than DiorSnow's wipe-off gel, hands down).
I also finally decided, after a long platonic relationship, to get Caudalie's anti-spot serum. I use it in the morning and I really notice quite a difference, I think it's wonderful and the best I ever experimented (it puts Clinique's and Antipode's in a corner).

Pai's Rosehip Oil, as amazing as it sounds, is used by me in the morning - it's not really that oily and, if massaged, it absorbs quite quickly. This oil has a repairing function, can be used by all skintypes and I think it helps my skin a lot, not so much with the spots, but with the scars - it helps cell turnover and it hydrates the skin so that it doesn't create "dents" and deep scars. I love it! It's actually not that expensive and works really well!
When we speak of spots - acne or otherwise - it's always important to speak of SPF. And I've been using the Anne Möller's Perfectia fluid* which has SPF 20 in the cloudier days (and the Hyseác SPF 50+ by Uriage in the sunnier days, you already know I love it). I don't know how much it helps the spots, since I am using so much stuff, but I'm guessing it helps. It's not fundamental and it's not the star of the bunch, but it does help.

Cicaplast by La Roche Posay stayed on my radar when I saw Lisa Eldridge apply it on a acne-covering makeup tutorial. It's a pro-recovery gel that speeds up the healing of the skin. It's the most recent one (I've been using it for only 2 weeks or something) and, so, I can't attest to its full capabilities yet. However, I've been enjoying it: it's oil-free and I even feel like it speeds up the "pimple process" - they've been drying quite faster.

As a moisturizer, until a little while ago (just before the weather changed and the cold winter went away), I had been using Tammy Fender's Antioxidant Crème. I love it and I still use it when I'm just staying around the house because its texture is something out of this world: super creamy and pretty nourishing, it's "quickly absorbed, while it balances sebum and stimulates collagen production, improving skin tone and elasticity". Been wanting to try this brand for a while and I think I won't stop here.

At night, twice a week, I use the Blemish Mark Treatment by Avon, which is an exfoliating fluid. I use it alone, no serum or moisturier. It has 2% acid salicylic, which is a pretty generous amount, and I do feel like it also helps clearing skin as well as getting rid of spots or descongesting.
In my regular routine, I use the ultra-special Cell Perfecto PM by Yüli Skincare - which is an organic oil with tiny grains that is said to be the "anti-spot bomb". It has definitely helped a lot and it's a shame it's this expensive and it's not available to everyone because it's highly effective and has great results, teamed with the Caudalie serum.
And, afterwards, I use the Healing Light Night Cream by Kimberly Sayer - which I forgot to photograph :)

Obviously, no sane person needs this many products if he or she is not a blogger (and even if you are... ahah). But these are the best anti-spot products I've been using and, by my descriptions, I hope I can help you find your favourites or the ones that are more suitable for you! :)

Do you suffer from spots like me? Have you used any of these?
And which ones did I get you curious about?

*PR Sample