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Anti-spot: the serum and the oil

sesderma kojicol plus odacité pa + g hyperpigmentation acne spots treatments

On my adventure with acne (that has been going on for 11 years now), I've experimented a lot of products to treat it, but also a lot of products to treat the post-acne scars and spots (my skin is so thin and fair and sensitive that the red spots last up to a year even when I'm using anti-spots cosmetics).

The Caudalie Vinoperfect serum is something I always go back to and know that I can always rely on, and the number of bottles I've used go beyond my right hand's fingers. However, I've recently discovered two new lovers and I could not be more satisfied.

Sesderma's Kojicol Plus Skin Lightener Gel is not really a serum, it's more like a treatment: I apply it after my regular serum (either Caudalie's or a hydrating one) and before my regular moisturizer (in sensitive skin cases, you can apply it by mixing one or two pumps of it into your moisturizer, but my skin is pretty sensitive and it hasn't reacted at all - and there's also a lighter version in case your skin is really super reactive).
This treatment is meant for normal to oily skintypes, but, again, my skin is super dehydrated right now due to acne treatments, and I do not feel any discomfort or added dryness. It has a lot of acids, but the kojic acid is the base ingredient (5% here and 3% in the lighter version). It's recommended for all types of spots, but specially acne spots - I cannot disagree.
It's a very light and fluid gel that absorbs almost instantly and I really have been noticing it speeds up the process. If I had to choose between this and my Caudalie, I must admit I'd choose this.

About Odacité, I have a little more to explain beforehand: Odacité (which is the sassiest name and I love it) is an american brand that has a large skincare range (all organic), but the foccus of the brand (and, unfortunately, the only products that came to us Europeans) are the Skin Boosters, which are basically concentrate oil serums. There are 18 of these little bottles for all the skin concerns you might think of and you can mix and match them up.
So today I bring you the Hyperpigmentation Skin Booster by Odacité (Pa + G = Papaya + Geranium). It's an oil that is exfoliating, and if that doesn't rope you in, I don't know what will.
It has a very fresh citrus-like scent and it is a pleasure to apply. Most of the time I will just mix 2 or 3 drops of it with my night moisturizer, but I'll also apply it directly to the areas in need when I want a deeper action.
The only problem: these little bottles, as you can guess, are tiny (5 ml/0.17 oz.) - the brand says it's because they want to keep their ingredients fresh and, because of that, these are supposed to be monthly doses.

Had you heard of or used anything by Sesderma or Odacité?
They're both brands I have grown to love and of which I have more products and even more I intend to buy!