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Aromatherapy Associates

aromatherapy associate anti aging mask soothing balm hydrating mask

I'd been excited to try this brand for such a long time. I heard wonders about the masks from a fellow Portuguese blogger (that has sadly closed her blog) and about the balm from Vanessa of The Glow Hunter. So, as soon as I saw the brand on sale, I had to get these three! And I don't regret it one bit!
This brand has a quite large range of products and these three are actually from three different lines.

The Soothing Cleansing Balm came to replace my Emma Hardie (which I spoke of here) but they're actually pretty different. The EH is a buttery balm that melts into a very thick and emollient oil that thoroughly cleanses and nourishes the skin. This Soothing Balm is not as dense at first glance and then it turns into a very light and calming oil - it's also easier to massage your skin with this second one, since your hands don't slip as much. The EH is easier to remove though, this one also emulsifies but it really requires a cloth (I always use one but the EH doesn't really demand one while the AA one does).
The result is clean and peaceful skin. While the EH can be used as either a first cleanse or second cleanse, I'd really recommend this one for a second cleanse at night.

The Hydrating Rose Face Mask is a pleasure to use and it has a wonderful size. It's a colourless gel with a very subtle rose scent. It really gives you that fresh sensation - but not a minty one that can be irritating, but a very gentle and calming one. I like to let this mask absorb and then apply a night cream or a cream mask on top.
It's rich on hyaluronic acid and aloe vera - there's no going wrong.

The Anti-aging Overnight Repair Mask is perhaps my favourite product. It's a very nourishing anti-aging mask that I really trust in. When it's on your skin, you may feel some very subtle (and not at all uncomfortable) tingling that comes with a slight feeling of your skin tightening up. When this first happened, I thought I'd hate this mask, but the truth is that, when I took it off, the skin wasn't dehydrated, tight or irritated - quite the contrary. It can be removed after a few minutes or left overnight with an oil on top (and that's the way I like it, uh huh uh huh). It's not a miracle worker and it won't fill your wrinkles but I do feel my skin more supple and plump, healthier overall.

I love to apply one mask on top of the other or mix and match with all my other face masks (always culminating in a facial oil). I honestly believe I'll repurchase all of these once I've finished them. (Some of them may have had their packages changed but all the links are correct.)

Did you know about Aromatherapy Associates? Have you tried anything from the brand?