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AUGUST Empties

Blonde Glam Color Enhancer Perfect Platinum by REDKEN This purple-based treatment is pretty different than most. It's neither a shampoo, nor a conditioner. And, surprisingly, it isn't purple at all - it's a pearly lilac cream! However, it's super effective - cuts down the yellowing of blonde hair and delivers this pearly-baby-blonde tone. The only con is that it is a bit drying on my hair... Maybe for those of you who have normal or oily hair, it'll be perfect, but I'm still going to be keeping an eye out for other anti-yellow and pro-platinum products. I love baby blonde hair!

Repairing Leave-in Conditioner by BIOSEIVAS This leave-in is wonderful! We have already stocked the house with another one... It's super moisturizing and repairing! No more coarse and split ends! I highly recommend it! (This brand is Portuguese.)

Phytopolleine by PHYTO I'm still experimenting with this product... Even though it's already over. I bought another one to really investigate its effect (I wasn't using it that continuously, oops!). But I've been enjoying it. A review will come soon! ;)

Sun Exposure Repairing Mask by BIOSEIVAS A bit disappointing. I like thicker and richer hair masks. But read the review so you can find out the other summer-time hair treatments I used and which ones I preferred.

So Pure Color Care Shampoo by KEUNE Hmm... It's not bad, but it's not great either! It doesn't moisturize the hair, just cleanses... I think there are better products out there.

Shower Oil for dry and dehydrated skin types by OLEOBAN I received this sample from the brand - they were giving them away for people to try. I got two shower oils (for dry skin and for babies) and two body moisturizers (also for dry skin and for babies). I looved this oil! However, it has sulfate... I think I'm going to try out the baby one now because that one doesn't! I will definitely buy one of the two soon (when I finish the huge lot of shower cleansing products I have here). (This brand is Portuguese.)

Biorevitalizing Anti-Cellulite Concentrate by COLLISTAR This travel-size came in a portuguese beauty box. And I don't really know what to say... It's fresh, but I didn't see much results. I think there are better ones on the market for its price. (I only used on the back of my upper thigh and butt so it lasted a while.)

Mavadry Topcoat by MAVALA I loove this topcoat! It's wonderful: dries very quickly, it's glossy and the color under it is heightened! I'm using a KIKO one now, but I won't be surprised if I circle back to this one.

DermoPurifyer Hydrating Care by EUCERIN (sample) It's a very "purifying" fluid... And, by that, I mean astringent and so it didn't really get along with my sensitive skin... Too bad!

Normaderm Anti-imperfection Global Care by VICHY (sample) I was really curious to try this one out. There are people who love this product and people who hate it! And I get it! It's not bad but it kind of crumbles... Even if we don't use anything under or over it, it crumbles! I can't use it properly. No!

DiorSnow D-na Reverse Night by DIOR (sample) Big no-no! I had already experimented with a DiorSnow product and my skin did not react very well to it, even though I kinda liked the result (minus the tiny breakout). But, yeah, this product made my skin breakout too, but there are people who swear by it, so I will not not recommend it. I just do not recommend to acne-prone skin types.

Midnight Recovery Eye by KIEHL'S (sample) I love, love, love Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I love it!! But I thought the eye version a little too heavy for me. I was expecting a serum/oil but it's just like a heavy eye cream... I even got a bit of milia on the eye contour so I didn't get to finish this sample :(

Phyto 7 by PHYTO (sample) I love PHYTO Recent love, but love nonetheless! I loved this conditioner as was to be expected and I imagine what Phyto 9 must be like (the 7 is for dry hair and the 9 is for very dry and sensitized hair)! I am super curious and I will buy it for sure! Recommend, recommend, recommend!

This past month I ended up finishing a lot of products (most of them samples or travel-sizes though ahah), did you try any of these? And what was your experience with it?