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Balms Away

Because I started taking my acne medication again, I am absolutely dehydrated, from head to toes... So I've been applying a balm on top of my night routine, just before bed. For that effect, I have been experimenting with Antipodes's Skin Saviour Balm and Balm Balm's Tea Tree Face Balm*.
These two have very identical goals but slightly different textures - they're both balms that turn into oils, but the Antipodes is pretty creamy and scent-free, while the Balm Balm is lighter, almost like a heavy gel-balm and smells pretty strongly of tea tree, of course. Both are repairing and relieving, while also being anti-bacterial (some ingredients are actually present in both, like the tea tree oil) and they're both amazing!
Usually, I use the Face Balm when I'm more pimply and the Saviour Balm when my skin is smooth but just dehydrated.
Unfortunately, lately, not even these two lovely balms have saved my skin... (So, if you know of any hydration bomb, please help!!) But, if you're not on desperate mode because of medication or something like that, these are really good allies and have been a great help to me still. I wake up with my skin less tight and more plumped and at ease...

They're both made with organic ingredients.The Face Balm is a cheaper option, going for about £7 (30ml) and the Saviour Balm is a more luxurious option, going for about £29 (75g).

Now tell me: what is your cure to dehydrated skin? Do you usually use/like face balms to use at night? (And do you use them by themselves or accompanied by other skincare products?)

*PR Sample