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Skincare has always been such a huge part of my life. First, because I basically grew up in a department store (our family business) and skincare was like a rule in my house, and second, because acne got to me when I was 11 and sadly still hasn’t really left me. Skincare saved my life, it’s basically the only reason I’ve had acne for so many years, yet have so few scars.

I’ve been browsing the skincare world for years, after all, I’m a girl who knows what she wants, and I know what I’m looking for in terms of products and ingredients. But I realise it can be quite confusing if you’re just starting out or if you just want to ‘up the ante’ with your skin game. Luckily, Super Facialist have just created their Skin Diagnosics Tool which allows you to answer a few quick questions about your skin type and concerns, recommending products that are the best fit for you, to make your skin clearer and healthier.

Because I had been taking roaccutane for about 6 months, my skin was super raw, dry and sensitive when I took the test and the ranges recommended were ​ROSE​ and ​PURE​ (though I was already quite familiar with some of the products).

Super Facialist Rose Creamy Cleanser Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil Facial Scrub SuperFaclist Pure Skin Recovery Cream

I remember the first time I tried Super Facialist and it was a life-changer. The brand had just launched in Portugal and the blogger world was buzzing. Word on the street was that their Rose Miracle Makeover Facial Oil was absolutely amazing. I tried it, went through three packages in a row and over five years later, I can assure you… it really ​is amazing!!
It’s absolutely gorgeous because not only is it a pre-cleanse makeup removing oil, but it can also be used as a facial oil after cleansing, as the ingredient list is made up of 100% natural oils so it does not emulsify.

As a cleanser, it softens up the skin while drawing impurities out gently, not stripping it of any natural oils (I usually use a hot damp cloth to take it off so there’s no residue left behind). And, as a facial oil, it sinks quickly into skin and balances out my skin’s hydration levels, soothing my dry patches and making sure my skin is not producing unnecessary oils from dehydration.

The Rose Calming Creamy Cleanser is the absolute best second cleanse for sensitive and dry/dehydrated skin types. It’s super gentle and soothing but it will leave your skin baby soft and clean. It’s a smooth cream with no foaming ingredients, so it doesn’t lather up, which is the best type of cleanser my skin can ask for.

And the Rose Brighten & Refine Facial Scrub is the perfect follow-up for a weekly pamper routine - once again, it’s gentle yet incredibly effective. My skin is really sensitive and fair and usually reacts to physical scrubs really harshly (I breakout and get all blotchy and it feels like it’s burning) so I typically avoid them, but this one is the exception to the rule! Even for sensitive skin types, I swear… No lie. No redness. No stinging. Just smoothness.

Their PURE range though, is just delicious. Both the Day and Overnight Sensitive Skin Recovery Creams are so lush. I’m usually turned off by moisturisers that are tailored to sensitive skin because they are so boring in texture and scent, but these just get the job done. With a light yet pleasant scent and an incredible gel-in-cream texture (which is both refreshing and incredibly nourishing) they restore my skin’s balance and keep it peaceful, even on my acne medication. With probiotic and peptide technology, they just soothe my (usually) blotchy, sensitised skin and promote cell renewal with no harshness. The results? Smooth, clear, even and radiant skin.

Obviously, I am in love with the brand. It’s been a long-term relationship and it’s still going strong. It’s simple, cruelty-free, affordable, effective and still fun to use. Because at the end of the day, skincare has to be fun. It has to feel like you’re enjoying yourself and not like a chore.

The Super Facialist range is available directly from their own website, plus in-store at Boots and Sainsbury’s.

* This post is part of an advertorial campaign with the brand Super Facialist.
However, all opinions are my own and I only accept paid sponsorships with brands I know, have tried and love.