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Black Rose Power by Sisley Paris

sisley black rose cream mask and oil

I cannot resist! This is maybe the best skincare team I have on my stock.
A while ago, I had received a sample of this Black Rose Mask by Sisley. However, as it was an acne attack phase and my skin was oily and messy, I stashed this sample away. After a couple of months, already deep into the belly of the accutane beast, I saw this Lisa Eldridge video, where she showed us her favourite face masks. (So I ordered First Aid Beauty's Oatmeal Mask right away.) And I remembered this babe and how this would be the perfect time to try it out - and I fell head over heels, ordered the full size right then and there.

First, I must say that Sisley Paris is a french brand (that nothing has to do with the Italian clothing brand Sisley), whose products are made with a lot of unique and amazing essential oils. They try to use the minimum amount of chemicals products, such as preservatives, to keep the quality of the products (no fillers here).

But, details apart, this Black Rose Cream Mask promises "instant youth", while smoothing, brightening and plumping the skin. And, oh my! One simple and generous application will show you that this mask is not playing around. Your skin will be super hydrated and nourished, luminous and clear, like Snow White, really (with my skin tone, the package is complete ahah).
I recommend this to any person with lack-lustre, dull skin, but also to combination and oily skin types that may have an over-production of sebum, but are short of that amazing glow we all worship (this includes sensitive and reactive skin types as well).
I think I could not recommend this any more, it's possibly one of my favourite masks ever!!

As to the Black Rose Precious Face Oil*, when it came out, I almost had an emotional stroke. Yes, I'm a sucker for face masks... But if there's anything that tops them, it's a good facial oil! I can tell you I probably have more than 10 oils open right now and this is, without a doubt, the best one. It's an oil, yes, but it's not exactly greasy...Though it's not a dry oil either! It's a kind of hybrid... It's clear and spreads pretty well, with the typical rose scent of the duo. I usually apply it after and not before the night cream and a beautiful, silk-like skin is unveiled the next morning.

So, yeah, these two products are a little more expensive than my usual ones, as is the whole Sisley brand... But are they worth it? YES! They're worth every penny! I've only ever tried Sisley for the first time very recently, but it took me by storm. I recommend these two to all the people out there who think their skin is needing "a little push".

Have you tried anything from Sisley Paris? Which product is your favourite or the one that excites you the most?

*PR Sample