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BLITHE InBetween Prep Essence & Instant Glowing Cream

blithe inbetween prep essence and blithe essence inbetween glowing cream
blithe inbetween prep essence and blithe essence inbetween glowing cream
blithe inbetween prep essence and blithe essence inbetween glowing cream

So my first post since I went MIA was about the BLITHE serums, honestly because I just really wanted to talk about them ahah
But it was sort of a 2-part post and this new InBetween range of theirs is the second part.

In this new range they have launched 4 products:

Prep Essence*: lightweight essence with fermented soybeans, rice and tomato leaf extract to fortify the skin's natural barrier (all skin types)
Instant Glowing Cream*: Infused with moisture-locking glycerin and reparative niacinamide, protects skin with a luminous finish (all skin types)
Tone Correcting Cream: brightening formula transforms skin to leave it instantly softer, smoother and more even (best for uneven skin and oily/combination types)
Hydro Priming Cream: watery gel-cream with free radical-fighting probiotics and bifida ferment extract, deeply hydrating but sinks in fast (all skin types)

I have gotten the amazing chance to try the first two and first of all: they're so much eye candy I can't even, look at those photos!

But anyway...
BLITHE is attempting to step into the world of makeup just as it's done with their pressed serums. They're a practical brand looking for a 2-in-1 solution once again: products that are deeply hydrating and have amazing active ingredients, even for the tricky (spotty) skin types and offer different formulas for your different needs (from liquid essence, to gel moisturiser to creamy texture). Yet they're also prepping your skin and getting it ready to grab makeup (namely foundation) onto your skin and make it last and last!

This sounds like a gimmick but I swear it's not.
I've been using these products ever since I received them, which was about a couple weeks ago and they have made a difference in luminosity and keeping my face less cakey throughout the day. They also make my foundation glide smoothly and evenly, even though they don't feel silicone-y at all. On the Instant Glowing Cream, for example, the silicones are about half way down the list and before them come other beautiful babies such as glycerin, squalane, betaine, niacinamide, among others. And even after dimethicone (aka the silicone) we have other wonderful ingredients too.

So does that mean that you don't need to moisturise if you use these? Well, yes, kinda... Really, again, depends on what type of person you are. I love layering so I play around with these and my regular skincare. But you can you use the essence and one of the creams and (if you're skin's not too complicated), you'll be good to go! Primed and ready - literally.

So what do you think?
Have I got you convinced with this brand?
I swear on the next post I'll bug you about something else xx

Oh and I also posted a short dewy skin tutorial last night with these two, so you can actually see me applying them right here.

* PR Sample