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BLITHE Pressed Serums


So I will spare you the excuses of why I basically ghosted the blog and let's get to it because I'm commited to talking about skincare again (among other things). In depth. And in love.

Let's talk BLITHE.
They are a Korean skincare brand currently expanding widely throughout the US and Europe and I could not be more excited. I first heard of their "pressed" serums through Gothamista and she got me hooked.
They used to offer 3 different ones, but have actually just added a fourth one. So we have:

If it was up to me I'd try them all - and, let's face it, I probably will eventually. But my first choices were Crystal Iceplant and Tundra Chaga.

So what is a pressed serum?
These all have different textures but overall they can be described as pudding or gel-like textures that are injected with all the active ingredients serums usually hold and will perform a 2-in-1 action (serum + moisturiser). This sounds appealing specially for peple whose skin breaks out easily from heavy creams but still need all the hydration and nourishment.

You lovely lot probably know I'm not a 2-in-1 kinda gal so I use these as pre-moisturisers. Because I'm crazy and I love layering skincare on my skin like no other.

The Crystal Iceplant Pressed Serum (which I've repurchased, so you know it's da bomb) is a very lightweight gel serum that sinks into skin SO FAST you won't even feel it. I love it as a pre-moisturiser in the mornings because it does actually allow me to use a fatty cream on top but still have that dew and water-hydration underneath - perfect combination.

The Tundra Chaga is more like a pudding texture and actually very thick. So I still use it before moisturiser but at nighttime (or maybe when the weather is absolutely bonkers and freezing in the AM). It's ultra-rich and you can feel that by slapping it across your face but it still sinks into skin very fast, considering the heaviness it appears to have.

To sum up, if you're not a nut for skincare you can easily use this as a 2-in-1 step! And it WILL work! And save you money and time... But if you love layering, I think you'll enjoy these so much too! They are, in my book, indispensable and I cannot live without them... Dying to try the other two, but honestly also scared I'll love them and won't know how to live without the four ahah

Have you tried BLITHE?
And what are your thoughts on K-Beauty in general?

I feel like it used to be so basic and fun to use as a teenager and also very whimsical but some brands made the extra effort and turned it into luxury too - something more ellegant, with excellent products and performance as well as more minimal and sleek packaging "for adults". I'd still use these if they were inside a panda-shaped tub but you know what I mean.

If you're interested in navigating through this more evolved K-skincare trend, I'd definitely recommend you follow Gothamista and peruse these US-based web-stores: Oh Lolly! | BEAUTIBI | Glow Recipe | Peach & Lily.
And, as always, if you have good skincare recommendations, leave them below.