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Caudalie Polyphenol C15

caudalie polyphenol c15 range

Last year (yes, it was already last year), I got a Caudalie sample kit of their new line Polyphenol C15: the serum, the fluid, the oil and the eye cream. And now there's been a new addition: the face cream.
I must confess I shoved this in a drawer until two months ago because my skin was so horrible because of the roaccutane: it was still with horrible acne, very dry, very sensitized and sensitive and all around just a mess.
However, now it's much calmer and more stable... Dry! Combination dry! But stable. So I started taking a few risks on the products I had stashed away. And this range is indicated for the first signs of aging, with an antioxidant function, carried by the "polyphenols from the grape and stabilized vitamin C (15%) that act in sinergy for an anti-wrinkle and antioxidant action".

The Anti-wrinkle Protective Fluid SPF 20* is recommended for all skin types, being a compromise between an actual fluid and a cream. And here is where I think they went wrong: because it is a compromise, I think it ends up not being completely adequate for either dry or combination/oily skin types, being too light for the former and not heavy enough for the latter. So even though I actually liked the texture, I always added 2 or 3 drops of oil and even that was not enough for me.

So I decided to try the upgrade, the Anti-wrinkle Protect Cream SPF 20*, which was launched a while ago and is recommended for drier skin types. The texture is actually quite heavier and richer and I noticed a lot of difference moisture-wise. But in my skin's stupid status, producing a wee bit of oil but still being super dehydrated, I still mix 1 or 2 drops of oil in the morning. Though now I feel like my skin is fresh and hydrated almost all day long. I admit that no moisturizer I've tried recently has proven up to the task of keeping it fully-moisturized all day long on its own lately, so I can't blame this one for not doing it either.
Both moisturizers have squalene from olive oil and hyaluronic acid for its moisturizing and anti-wrinkle properties, but this one is also enriched with orange butter for its nourishment and antioxidant action.

The Anti-wrinkle Defense Serum* is a lightweight serum, yet it is creamy and I love it! It's perhaps my favorite of the bunch, I like to use at night a lot. There's not much to say because it's not a flashy product, it's basic and no-nonsense; a great base for moisturizers and makeup even.

The Overnight Detox Oil* has regenerating (rosehip oil) and detoxifying (neroli) oils - also having carrot to facilitate the flushing out of toxins and lavander to calm the skin. I think it's a light oil that can be used by all skin types without breakouts. It's not one of those rich and thick oils at all, as the name might suggest. I can't exactly account for its detoxifying promises and how they could act... But it's worked alright. I used it taking turns with a more nourishing oil and it did well. I don't think I'll purchase it because it's not what my skin needs the most right now though...

The Anti-wrinkle Eye & Lip Cream* is the one that created the most hype in the range, being loved by almost everyone. "It contains a patented complex, Matrixyl 3000, for its anti-aging properties, fern extract for the immediate lifting effect and horse chestnut, liquorice, hamamelis and calendula for the anti-dark-circles action."
Well, it's a very light cream, it's not exactly a gel as the description suggests, and it is a good daytime cream. It's nothing out of this world, but it's simple and effective, lightly hydrating, and a bit depuffing - it's good stuff. However, contrary to popular opinion, I did not think it was rich and nourshing. Again, it is light. For nighttime, I'd rather slather on something heavier.

So, as you know, I'm still in my early 20s so, fortunately, wrinkles aren't really my thing yet. However, thanks to all the anti-acne treatments, my skin got horribly dry and sensitized, and I can already see a little wrinkle on my forehead. So that has been my result-analysing area... Has it gone missing? No! Is it less deep and more plump? Yes, sir! I don't know if I call fully credit this line but I'm sure it helped and it seems like a good no-fuss range to start with.

Have you tried any product from this range?

*PR Sample
Deluxe samples offered by a local pharmacy
And the full-size cream offered by the brand