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cellulase pearls review

A few months ago, I was invited to try three boxes of Cellulase Pearls* and report results. Though I may be a little (or A LOT) late... It's true! Cellulase works.

Wow, did I just spoil the whole post?

Cellulase Pearls is a food supplement that helps combat cellulite. (There is also Cellulase Advanced for very intense and deep cellulite and Xanthigen by Cellulase, which is a calorie burner.)

Their RecaptaCell complex, a little cocktail, is composed by fish oil, borage oil, vitamin E, microalgae oil, orange essence, vitamin B6, alpha-lipoic acid and folic acid. It speeds blood circulation, specially in our butts and thighs and helps fight fluid retention, so it "dissolves the cellulite nodes" we have in our body a little.

First of all, gotta say... Never got completely cellulite-free. And I didn't pair this with exercise or a healthy diet (lol, you know me right?) so the results I saw were pure 100% Cellulase related.
I did notice a bit of a difference after the first box and so did my boyfriend. And by the end of the third box I can definitely say my cellulite was probably half or less of what it was when I started.
So it's not a miracle worker, NOTHING IS. But if you feel like the gym and healthy food is still not getting completely rid of that orange peel skin, maybe give Cellulase a try. I definitely want to do this challenge again next Summer!

What do you think?
Have you ever tried anti-cellulite supplements? I had before but never saw any results to be quite honest... Not like this. Believer or skeptic?