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Contour Yo'self with ZOEVA

zoeva contour palette rose gold brush
zoeva contour palette
zoeva contour palette swatches
zoeva contour palette swatches
zoeva contour palette swatches

If you've been reading the blog and actually following me everywhere else, you know that ZOEVA is launching this contour, highlighter and blush palette, along with their new Rose Golden Vol. III brush kit, this Monday. You can read the brush kit review here.

So today I'm bringing you my review of the new ZOEVA contour palette, which is actually called, the Rose Golden Blush Palette*. And this is made of three powders:

Heavy Crown (contour): a powder that is, colour-wise, right up my alley - a greyish camel that suits my skin perfectly. However, I think it may be too grey for the yellower skin tones (I am rosy/neutral) - yes because, contrary to popular belief, not all contour powders should be ashy otherwise it may look dirty and weird on people with yellow undertones.
This powder is the weaker link of this palette. It's matte and really stiff, hard to get a colour payoff, I got the swatch above on the fourth swipe, when I got the blush and luminizer at first try. So it's a bit chalky and pacthy on the arm swatch. However, it did surprise me because it didn't look uneven on my cheek and it was easier to blend than I though it would be. But it could be creamier, yes.

Glowing Still (highlighter): a duo-chrome illuminating powder that, as soon as spread, instead of looking a sheeny pearl colour, turns into an intoxicating golden shade. I was really surprised, totally not expecting it to be so warm on the skin and it doesn't translate well on camera, sadly - so it may not be perfect for all makeup looks, since it's not that neutral. However, with rose, orange or brown based (warmer tones) looks, it is amazing! And it's not glittery at all, it's a sheen. It has a lot of fallout though, so be careful.

Palace Door (blush): A heavenly-buttery blush (the creamier of the three), very glittery and shimmery, kind of like a darker, more intense and "toastier" version of NARS's Orgasm. Super pigmented (so beware fairer skins), but it's really easy to blend and, even when you overdo it (which I did the first time), it's easy to tone it down.

In a nutshell, I do not believe in contour palettes that come in only one shade because it will never perfectly suit all skin tones. But, having said that, I do think it's a cohesive palette and the shades do all go together and, for the price, I cannot find a better one. The contour powder, however, colour aside, could use some work.
I think this will be a great acquisition for those of you who have wanted to dabble into contour but didn't want to spend much dough on it. Good for fairer to slightly dark skin tones with rose or neutral undertones. Dark skin tones may not even notice the contour and yellower skin tones may think it's too ashy and it may look dirty.

This comes out Monday, February 29th. Price is 15.99€.

What do you think of this ZOEVA launch?
Will you get either the brush kit or this palette?

*PR Sample