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DARPHIN & DÉCLEOR Purifying Balm and Serum

We've come a long way in the beauty world and the idea that oily skin types should not be treated with oils is long gone! There are all kind of natural-oil-based products in the market nowadays for all kinds of skin types, including oily and combination! And, among them, these two came to my attention. Similar? Yes! Identical? Not quite.

The Aromatic Purifying Balm by Darphin should be used at nighttime, after applying any kind of liquid, non-oil serum or on bare skin. I must admit I find it too heavy! It's purifying, non-comedogenic and hydrating! Yes. But I think it's too heavy for my liking... I'm not used to this texture. I like lighter or maybe even creamier-but-not-so-oily textures. I do like the result, but I prefer other types of products. And I don't feel that it reduces or balances my sebum production that much.
Acne-wise, it doesn't piss it off and it actually soothes it - which is a plus - but I don't notice it improving it either.

Rating: 4 / 5

I use the Ylang Ylang Purifying Serum by Décleor (which is actually an oil) at nighttime, before my moisturizer and after my regular serum or instead of it. The texture is not as heavy, but it could be lighter... It says you can use it morning and night, but I simply cannot put this oil on my face in the morning! I find it too heavy and oily... Not greasy, but still oily.
Deep down, I didn't notice much difference in sebum-control. Maybe it's just me! I don't know... My skin has been truly crazy... But I wouldn't repurchase. One of the only oils I've gotten along with so far is the Midnight Recovery Concentrate by KIEHL'S and that one is considerably lighter in texture and it feels much more comfortable.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Summing up, I wouldn't repurchase any of them, despite them coming from two excellent brands! Mostly because I don't think they're worth all the dolla' ahah. So, if you want to buy them (and don't let this review solely put you off), just make sure you like and are comfortable with this kind of heavy, oily texture - a detail that may not sound important, but is!

I think I will stand by my KIEHL'S and Lotus by CLARINS! But it was a good experience. Now tell me: have you had any similar adventure? And how did you like it?