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Dr. Jackon's Natural Products - 01 Skin Cream

dr jackson's natural 01 skin cream
dr jackson's natural 01 skin cream

A while ago (more than I'd care to admit, I know I'm always late), Lookfantastic sent me a couple of travel sized products for me to test. And one of them was really this 01 Skin Cream by the organic brand Dr. Jackson's Natural Products*. I was skeptic at first, as I always am when I'm faced with a brand that only presents a few products for all skin types. However, I tested it with an open mind. And what a surprise!

The brand classifies it as a "a skin cream with an SPF20, that visibly helps sun damaged skin, it promotes elasticity in the skin, whilst tightening especially around the eyes (...), reduces redness and in general gives a blemish free skin".
Not too shabby for Raquel!

To start off well, the scent is pretty delicious... It smells like raw carrots! Absolutely. But the scent will vanish after you work it into your skin.

Now I can't say that my skin is damaged by the sun, because, to be honest, I'm still pretty young and I take very good care of my skin when it comes to sun protection (everyday, ladies & gents!). But my skin is scarred by acne and redness and lack of elasticity are no strangers to me.

So: in sadder, cloudier days, I did not feel the need to add my sunscreen to the mix, because this protected me pretty well. I can't say I noticed much difference with it, spot-wise... But the full-on truth is that I have been experimenting with tons of anti-hyperpigmentation treatments so I can't be 100% certain. However, this cream managed to keep my skin semi-moisturized (which is a hell of a good thing, believe me, because my skin has been cracking) and it did add a bit of elasticity - my skin felt more plumped. It is indeed a pleasure to spread and it absorbs pretty quickly.
The price, now, that's a bit hefty!

To sum up: if you're venturing in the natural/organic cosmetic isle, I do believe this is a product you will want to try, don't doubt for a second that I am a fan.
With the Summer coming, I won't be purchasing it right away... But, when Winter comes backs, if my shelf isn't too stacked, I will give it another go for sure.

Had you heard of Dr. Jackson's? Do you usually buy at Lookfantastic.com... I must admit a big chunk of my allowance ends up there!

*PR Sample by Lookfantastic.com