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Dutch braids in a bun with Macadamia's Whipped Detailing Cream

macadamia whipped detailing cream
dutch braid in a bun tutorial

This hairdo is my life-saver when my hair isn't cooperating at all - no curls, but not quite straight, nothing... It's easy to do and it always looks cute!

So I took a dollop of this new styling product by Macadamia, the Whipped Detailing Cream* (3) - it's a kind of wax-in-cream that holds you hair and helps with these kind of hairdos, mainly for soft and fine hair - and applied it to the front locks of my hair, where the braid would go (4).
So then I divided a little strand of hair at the top of my head, on the right side, in three parts to begin braiding (5). I did a dutch brand (6), which is basically a french braid reversed - it isn't complicated at all: you take the three parts and start braiding, but instead of passing each lock above the last one, you pass it below and then you just go adding more bits of hair as you go along until you get to the bottom of your head; if you have no more hair left to add, just continue with a regular braid. When you run out of hair, just temporarily hold it with a hair band - I did it with an invisibobble (7). Repeat the process on the other side (8) and join both braids at the bottom of your head (9). I took the invisibobble out of the first braid and used it to tie them both together into a round little messy bun (10) - you can do it this way, or in a nicer ballet bun or even just let a little ponytail out; it all depends on your preferences and/or hair lenght.
To finish it off, I take a little tiny bit of the Whipped Detailing Cream just to smooth some of the flyaways (which, thanks to my constant hairloss, I got plenty of) and I finally stretch my braids sideaways to make them wider and flatter (11 & 12) - and voilá!

I am really loving this product, but I'll keep using to let you know how I get along with it. (I've even started experimenting on my sister, who was finer hair, do you want to see?)

Did you like it? Had you ever tried a dutch braid?