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ellis faas creamy lips
ellis faas creamy lips blood red pale peach

I've been wanting to try these Creamy Lips by Ellis Faas for quite a while because they honestly seemed like the better finish for my likings (they also have two other finishes: Milky Lips and Glazed Lips). And when the month of my birthday came round, I thought it would be just as good a time as any (watch my birthday haul here if you haven't yet).

So I decided on the colours Pale Peach (a very light peachy nude) and Blood Red (the iconic Ellis Faas red, which extends into the other finishes as well and is really the colour of blood).
Even though they're both Creamy Lips, I find that the textures on these two are similar yet different. Blood Red is more dense, creamier and more comfortable overtime. It's also pretty longlasting for the creaminess and it's just unique! Honestly, I have plenty of red lipsticks (you can see my faves here) and no red lippie I have ever tried comes close to this blood colour - you can also wear it sheer as a nice red or go in layers for a deeper, bolder and darker red.
However, Pale Peach, being an adorable shade which I happen to think goes splendidly with my complexion, fell short on performance... It applies rather nicely but goes away quickly, leaving residue hanging onto my dry patches (patches sometimes I don't even realise I have).

So I do recommend Blood Red immensely and I dare say to every complexion out there.

Have you tried Ellis Faas?
What are your favourite products from the brand?