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emma hardie lookfantastic moringa renewal treatment mask plump & glow hydrating facial mist review moringa cleansing balm

Emma Hardie is such a beautifully curated brand!
I can't even count by my fingers how many tubs of their Moringa Cleansing Balm* I've gone through. It's such a gorgeous makeup remover and first cleanse: the scent is comforting and evokes spring; the texture is so buttery and soft yet it emulsifies and washes off completely with no residue left behind; and the results are cleansed, yet hydrated skin.

Since the brand was launched at Lookfantastic, two new products joined their line. First, the Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist*. A beautiful ultra-fine mist that smells amazing, very herbal but revitalising. It makes me feel so refreshed and energised! Plus, it's great for Spring and Summer since it sinks in super fast ⏤ some mists are kind of "dewy" in finish, which is great for dry skin types and Winter, but this is definitely not that type; it does hydrate the skin but in a sort of "invisible" way, so no worries about excess oil production during the hot weather.
It's also extra handy to keep in your purse because it's a spray in a tube so, unlike its glass or even plastic bottled friends, it's super lightweight.

And just very recently, their new Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask* ⏤ which I'm obsessed with. It is so creamy and nourishing, it's unbelievable. I love it as a morning mask when I have the time!
Even though it's "brightening", the ingredients that work towards an even skin tone (red algae and amino acid derivatives) are so gentle, you could easily use this even if you have super sensitive skin. Plus, with hyaluronic acid and moringa oil, it lightly nourishes and plumps up your skin!
This mask is like the cleansing balm's baby sister: leaves your skin soft, clean and super nourished all in one. But it also gives you a glow-up and sets up a great base for a healthy, glowy makeup.

Have you tried Emma Hardie? (And their Moringa balm?)
And, by the way, what is your favourite Cleansing Balm? I've tried sooo many and yet keep coming back to EH.

* PR Sample