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Empties from NOV/DEC/JAN/FEB Part II: Body & Bath

So here we go again, part 2: body & bath care! Wohoo! (First part, skincare & makeup, is here.)

Let's start by the Mild Soap by Babé* - it's simply just a shower gel; clear and, in my opinion, very basic. It's not enough for my skin, I need something less "stripping" and more moisturizing (because this has sulphates).
Speaking about it, we also have Lierac Prescription's Cleansing Cream for dry and atopic skin - way better than the one before, it's soft and more hydrating (it still has sulphates, but my skin gets less tight when I use it). I also used the travel size of the Oleoban (Portuguese brand) shower oil-in-gel for babies and I loooved it!!! Loved it! The baby scent, the oil and sulphate-free texture, it all adds up and gently cleanses and softens my skin. The favourite! I will buy it as soon as I end the stock I have! :)

Still in bath-mode, I bought this pink grapefruit cleansing gel/scrub by Neutrogena for face and body. I bought it just for my back, more so because it has sulphates, but I liked the results. I shouldn't buy again soon because my back is all cleared up (I never had a lot of acne on my back, just the occasional pimple), but I did like it.

I still remember my mom getting home super excited with Nivea's two new body conditioners in her hand - my mom can sometimes be an impulsive shopper. I questioned her why she had bought one for normal skin and another for dry skin but she was too hyped up to explain ahah I think mother is a being that has to be studied while shopping!
Well, I didn't get to take a photo of the dry skin one so it'll go right to the next Empties post. I'll foccus on this one: it's not totally useless... Using the rest of my regular routine, I do notice a small difference, but, yes, I still have to use my usual creams and/or oils.

Vaseline's Cocoa Radiant body butter is a longtime favourite, as you must know by now, and the lotion was actually just a curiosity-fueled purchase for when I have to dress up right away, but I didn't quite like it as much... For my skin, thick creams only.
Rituals' Magic Touch body butter has been emptied quite a long time ago, but the package was lost... I love the scent, but it's nothing too special moisture-wise... At all! It's too thicky and tacky for the amount of hydration it delivers.

So we arrive at Caudalie's Divine Scrub*, which I loooooooooooove and have nothing else to add. Then, the Soft Couer massage bar by Lush, which is also divine! Oh, ooooh, goodness! It smells so, but so well!!! And it will spoil your skin like no other. Will definitely repurchase!

Avène's sunscreen for sensitive skin areas (like scars, moles, tattoos, ...) is also amazing, with a full SPF 50+ - I like it being "skin-colored", even if that's not my skin tone, I do prefer that to having a big white circle in my chest!

And, finally, the D&G perfume Pour Femme - has a floral tone, but it's pretty sweet and oriental, maybe even a little wooden. Loooooove it! Just my style.

Sorry again for this long post :)
Have you tried any of the above? And how did you do with them?

*PR Samples