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End of Summer Favourites

end of summer favourites marc jacobs fantasy collection daisy love life's a peach blush coconut dew drops drunk elephant
end of summer favourites marc jacobs fantasy collection daisy love life's a peach blush coconut dew drops drunk elephant

Yes, I know it's possibly the worst timing for a Summer Favourites blog post, it's officially Autumn! Yet the weather in Portugal (and many other countries still) is saying nope!

Plus, some of these do transition really well!
(But some are also limited edition so hurry if you still want them ahah)

  • MARC JACOBS Coconut Fantasy Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette: I'd be wanting to own a MJ palette for ages but couldn't justify the purchase because I have so many shadows already; however I could not let this beauty walk by me - the shadows are gorgeous and so freaking creamy and pigmented, highly recommend

  • IT COSMETICS CC+ Cream Illumination (Fair)*: the perfect base for the sunkissed complexion (really sad they don't have a lighter shade for my winter ghost face); it's high coverage, really glowy and still like a second skin layer - so easy to apply you can do it with your fingers, fo real

  • L'ORÉAL Life's A Peach Skin Awakening Blush*: absolutely perfect, such a "sunkiss"-inducing touch of colour; not too powdery and just YES (plus, they're introducing a watermelon version of this blush and I am so here for it!)

  • Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shade (Sole): highly recommended by Beth Sandland and it was love at first sight; this is one of those shadows I don't mind having as a single because you can literally use it on its own with no brushes and it looks hella fly - I always get comments on my eyes when I wear it and questions about the brand

  • NABLA Metalglam Liquid Eyeshadow (Ethereal Lost In Paradise)*: beautiful glittery bases for any shadows and VERY resistant to the heat and sweat the hot weather creates; they're also super cute as inner corner highlights even if you're wearing nothing else

  • MARC JACOBS Daisy Love: I don't think there's a single MJ fragrance I'm not obsessed with, they are all so me! So fresh. So summery. So beachy! This has been my Summer of 2018 scent and I cannot yet part with it - not while the sun's still out

  • NABLA Glowy Skin Highlighter (Beige Mirage)*: Bronzy, glowy and easy to apply! Not only are these sticks gorgeous for Summer but they also have a very dewy texture, which I've been sooo into this Summer. I have completely shoved all my powder highlighters aside these last few months and I'm all about creamy, liquid GLOW!

  • NUDESTIX Nudies All Over Face Colour Glow (Illumi-Naughty)*: A sheerer and yet more dewy version of the above, better if I'm still a bit pale or if I over-powdered - has a slight pink shift that surprisingly blends so well into my skin

  • BOBBI BROWN All Over Glow: The most dewy, high-shine, WET highlighter ever! I found this to be super gorgeous for a quick dew on my cheekbones, nose, shoulders and collar bones but sometimes a biiiit too much for an all-day makeup because it's so freaking wet it might look a bit oily when you're already sweating buckets (lol) it's still absolutely LOVELY if you're looking for an intense beachy glow and it's not that hot out

  • MARC JACOBS Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter: My summer love! Even though it's pretty dark compared to my skin tone, it does sheer out to such a lovely bronze that you can build up or wear as a sheer tint. It's a warm shade yet it shows off super subtle reddish undertones, which really compliment any sunkissed look, almost like a two in one! And it smells amazing somehow!

  • KIHEL'S Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 25*: Untinted and extremely creamy, with lemon butter (and, of course, a slight lemon-y scent) - deeply nourishes and protects my lips

  • DRUNK ELEPHANT D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Sunshine Serum: something of a find in the DE family because it's actually quite "affordable"; I love mixing this baby with my SPF in the morning, it's slightly bronzey and has a light tanning aspect to it, it's really nice to my skin with no nasty scents or staining

  • ORIGINS Glow-Co-Nuts Hydrating Coconut Moisture Mask: Preach Origins as they have the most amazing face masks ever and this is no exception! Smells amazing like, obvs, coconut! And it's so creamy and moisturising - a wonderful after-sun treat for your stressed skin

  • SOL DE JANEIRO Ipanema Sunset Glow Oil: ridiculously glowy and cute shimmery bronze oil (comes in two shades, this is, of course, the lightest one); smells lovely too and just really evens out my skin tone, gives me a glowy bronze goddess look - plus, no transfer or staining of clothes and no "melting" effect when you sweat

  • YOUTH LAB Dry Oil*: a more intensely hydrating oil than the above, absolutely gorgeous on dry crackled skin and even sensitised skin (amazing for after shaving, doesn't sting one bit); it's one of the most hydrating and pleasant to use body products I've ever owned and I'm obsessed

  • TWEAK'D BY NATURE Wild Summer Apricot Cleansing Hair Treatment*: I love their cleansing conditioners, they have various scents for different results and types of hair - but this one smells so yummi, so freaking yummi I can't even! It gently cleanses the hair while also deeply conditioning! This specific Summer one protects your hair against UV rays and keeps your colour fresh. The only thing I fault this product for is being too small (because I have looooaaads of hair and use so much product)

  • DAVINES SU After-sun Hair Mask: It's my third year in a row using this mask after sun exposure and it's still a favourite of mine; smells amazing and deeply nourishes hair - it does have silicones, which is why it's not a year-round mask for me but do they protect my hair from sun, sea salt and chlorine damage (especially if I'm washing my hair every single day on holiday)

And that's it from me this year!
I promise next year I'll try to book my summer vacay early so I can report on favourites when they actually matter.

Which of these have you tried?
And what are your favourites that I have not mentioned??

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