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Eye Countour Gel by Spausa

This wonderful eye gel by Spausa* (100% Portuguese brand alert!) was sent to me by a national beauty box service called Dreambox around Christmas (I know... I know, I'm always late). As you know, I hate gel formulas. But, if every rule has an exception, this is mine! This anti-puffy-eyes-and-dark-circles is simply divine! It's, without a doubt, the best eye cream/gel in this category I've ever experimented! This happens because this is a gel that doesn't feel like one - the texture is super creamy but, at the same time, refreshing.

I loved the other Spausa products I tried through this box and, now, I just want to try the whole range!
The package shows us a clear gel with little white balls, that are squashed by the pump dispensor - the liquid inside these little balls gets mixed up with the gel and the result is a gel with tiny chips of white. These "white chips" are the only con we get with this wonder product because, every once in a while, we have to pick them off our eye area once the gel absorbs into the skin. However, it's worth it because the result speaks for itself! I use this during the day (because, at night, I use a more heavy-duty cream) and I can say, with certainty, my undereye circles are lighter and not as deep (fortunately, I don't have bags) - it just rests the eye area a bit!

I approve!!! It's a product I will definitely purchase when it rans out!
And the 1 fl. oz. lasts a loooooooot! A whole lot! I've been using it for five months and I'm barely halfway through it.

Have you heard of this Portuguese brand that's kicking ass? What's your favourite eye cream?

*PR Sample