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fig + yarrow clay mask gold red

I've been owing these clay masks a post for a while now! So here we go!

FIG + YARROW is a brand of skincare and body products that is organic and handcrafted and they have in their range of products six different clay masks that come in this powder form (to be mixed with water or any other ingredients).
They're clay masks for every type of skin type and ailment - contrary to the traditional clay mask which is mainly for oily and acne-prone skin types, because even dry skin needs deep cleansing sometimes.

I have RED** and GOLD**. The first one (the second strongest of the six) is meant for combination skin types with blemishes and it is, in fact, a bit strong on my sensitive days but great when I'm a greaseball. The second (third strongest) is for combination but dehydrated and sensitive skin types - which greatly compliments the other one in the sensitive days.

I usually mix these with water when I want a really deep cleanse and with other (hydrating) masks or honey and yogurt when I want a gentler action. I love 'em!!
And I admit I do want to try more, specially the WHITE one.
Unfortunately, FIG + YARROW is not stocked in Europe that I know of (please, if you do, leave a comment down below), so you have to order directly from their site. (Cult Beauty used to stock a few of their body products but that's long gone as well.)

Did you already know of this brand? Do you like clay masks or nah?
(OR do you think you still haven't quite found the right one for your skin?)