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Find Your Perfect Balance

pai perfect balance serum and toner

I spoke about this serum in my last Empties video and, since then, I got a new one and invested in the toner as well. The Perfect Balance range from the brand Pai is the dream of any skin that's combination and acne-prone but dehydrated and sensitive - it balances your skin out, reducing oiliness and pimples without over drying and irritating.

The Blemish Serum has copaiba and zinc and it's a fluid, very quickly absorbed and no trace of it left. It calms my skin and really does balance it out, treating my acne. It's no miracle cream, it ain't, nothing is... But it's hella good - rare thing because there are very few serums in the market that really have acne and sensitivity in mind at the same time. I love it and will continue to purchase it as long as my skin keeps acting up.

The BioAffinity Skin Tonic has rice plant and rosemary and it's a clear spray toner - and the spray system is wonderful, it really spritz and wets your skin without squirting. It's super gentle (alcohol-free, of course!) and soothes my skin like no other. It isn't astringent, which is great, but it does have anti-bacteria ingredients and helps in sebum production. LOVE IT! I think I'll buy the other Pai toner (for dry and sensitive skin types) for nighttime and this one will be for day time - kind of on a whim because this one is really amazing for both day and night, but I just want to try more from them.

Well, I do love this duo and love the Perfect Balance range because it's well thought out and amazingly accomplished for skin like mine. So if you do, like me, have pimples and oiliness but still feel dehydrated and itchy, check out Pai's products because they're wonderful! Have you tried any product from the brand?