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As you must have already tired of hearing me say, I have been removing my eye makeup with gel solutions for a while now. Ever since I tried Lierac's Dioptidémaq (which has been discontinued), I never again tried using a biphasic makeup remover... I didn't know what I was missing! And, to top it all of, the Lierac was actually pretty bad comparing to some of these.

What are the differences?
The gel melts your makeup away more easily and gently, it doesn't sting as much and it requires less rubbing - so, we rub less and don't irritate the periocular zone as much. Mine is pretty is sensitive and my eyes are as well, but what really got me worried when removing eye makeup was eyelash loss... So, instead of rubbing, we just massage the gel texture into the lid, after letting it settle for a few seconds, and the eyelashes stay put.

Out of this bunch, the Guinot Hydra Gentle Eye Cleansing Gel is (and I think will always be) my favourite... It's the one that's got the most fluid texture, it's quicker to melt the makeup and the more efficient one when removing it, specially for waterproof makeup. It's also the gentler one with the lashes and sensitive eyeballs - it's perfect!

The bliss lid+lash wash makeup remover is a second favourite... Not as quick, but, shipping charges included, it is cheaper. However, it also runs out more quickly because it has a thicker, more jelly-like texture. I recommend it but still prefer the Guinot.

The A-Derma Sensifluid is not good. I got it when the Lierac ran out and I was searching for something identical... It's cheaper, specially if you get it on a french pharmacy, but it's just not worth the money. It doesn't melt and remove all the makeup (if it's waterproof, just forget about it). It requires more rubbing, therefore lashes fall out more often.

What do you use to remove your eye makeup?
Have you tried any of these?