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Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive Skin Part I: Cleansing and Toning

Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive skin
Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive skin

I have, as you may already know if you've been reading the blog for a while, acne since I was 11 (I'm currently 21). Even though that sadness is always around (my acne is medium to severe), my skin changed a lot over the years. When it all started, my skin was perfectly normal. Then, it gradually turned into combination skin (a bit oily on the T-zone and normal on the rest) and it was always a little sensitive, because it's super thin and fair. And, when I went to college, the situation got worse - the oily T-zone became even oilier, the normal skin bits became drier and, above all, the sensitivity really aggravated. Until a while ago, I could still use products like, for example, Effaclar Duo. However, now, my skin just simply doesn't stand to use it anymore, it's super irritating and my skin gets really pissed off. So I had to invest in some new calming and soothing products that'll still properly clean and treat acne-prone skin. And, I must tell you, I am getting better results!
(By the way, if you're an acne newbie (and I feel for you, I do) this skin disease (and don't let anybody tell you it's not a disease, they're just people who don't have acne so they don't understand!) can affect any type of skin. However, it is most likely to appear on combination and oily skin types. Acne always makes skin more sensitive, but there are still people with skin that is so thick that it just doesn't even notice it. Anything can happen, basically, and each case is a new case.)

First thing to do is: eliminate the sulfates! Out with them! There are only a few cleansers that are sulfate-free, but they exist! A perfect example is this ClearCalm 3 Clay Cleanser by REN - the name says it all.
The texture, as you can see above, is almost like a clay mask, but softer and creamier. It cleans the skin perfectly, while not removing its essential and naturals properties. So it keeps the skin's balance, while still calming the acne. If you like that fresh, clean feeling of the skin after using a cleanser, this is not the product for you - this one is for those of you who enjoy a soft and harmonious cleaning. It purifies with no aggression - to me, it's simply perfect!

But, before cleaning the skin, you must remove your makeup, if you use it. Ladies and gents, forget the two-in-one products and the idea that cleansing products must remove your makeup. There are makeup removers and cleansers in this world, and those are two different things!
Well, until a while ago, I was using the gentle micellar solution by LIERAC PRESCRIPTION that I love... However, even just having to insist with the cotton pads always irritated my skin a little... So I started using the micellar water only on my eyes and started using the Miracle Makeover Facial Oil by SUPERFACIALIST by UNA BRENNAN. I use it directly on the skin, no water added, massage it for a while and remove it with whatever feels comfortable that is humid - I use the bamboo fiber cloth AURELIA SKINCARE kindly offered me (that is much softer than a muslim cloth (muuuch, much softer - I can't even use a muslim cloth) and anti-bacteria) or a small piece of that cotton that comes as a whole in a bag, in a zig zag (I am so sorry, I don't know if there's a specific name ahah) instead of the cotton pads that are much more abrasive.
It truly removes all my makeup, it's super soft and it really pampers my skin. There's a light film left on the skin after you "remove" it, as expected, since it's a product made of natural oils. But it does come off easily, even using the super-gentle-and-non-detergent clay cleanser by REN.

After properly cleaning the face, I use this anti-imperfections toner for adult-acne by LIERAC PRESCRIPTION, which is the only product that may cause some irritation. However, my super sensitive skin got used to it within a couple of days. I use it with a bit of that loose cotton I spoke of above and I swipe it on my skin gently and carefully.
It stings a bit in the first days of use, but it's not uncomfortable after the first two. It helps to purify the skin and with the cell-turnover, which avoids the appearance of acne. I like it! Its scent is nice, it's fresh and I feel like it truly helps! For those of you whi actually like the fresh-feeling, you can opt for this product... It's not stripping-my-skin-of-its-goodies-fresh but it's gently fresh. And it's still alcohol-free, hooray!

This was the first part of this article, where I'm going to show you my lot of anti-acne products for sensitive skin types. Today we talked makeup remover (step 0 - only if you're wearing makeup), cleanser (step 1) and toner (step 2). I won't, at least initially, speak of moisturisers because there are just so many you can go for according to your skin type and I believe my choices will be too specific to mine but, if you're feeling confused or just need any kind of help/advice choosing a product, don't be shy, just send me an e-mail! :)
On the second part, I will be speaking of topical treatments for acne, keep posted! ;)

Did you like this article? Did it help you? Have you tried any of these products? Tell me everything!