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Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive Skin Part II: Topical Treatments

Well, here is the second part of the article Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive Skin - the first one is here! If you haven't read it yet, you should! ;)

So... this part is going to be about topical treatments for acne-prone skin. Usually, topical treatments are extremely agressive, drying and even irritating. However, these three products I bring you today are super gentle and still treat the problem:

BetaGel Serum by MEDIK8
(The label is kind of worn off from it always being inside my travel-bag.)
It's a really liquid serum that you should apply up to 6 times a day - apply a drop of it on your fingertip and then massage into the area to treat. I apply it twice a day (before any other serum) and, sometimes, apply once more during the day if I'm hanging around the house.
I think that, of the three, this is perhaps the less effective. But it still helps! I just don't think that I'd repurchase it because of the price, it's extremely expensive for the quantity you get! But I will use it up to the end!

Anti-imperfections Biphasic Concentrate by LIERAC PRESCRIPTION
This biphasic product is, contrary to what usually happens with products with this characteristic, to be used without mixing both textures. There's a white powder at the end of the little bottle that is "conserved" by the liquid that fills it up. There are some products like this on the market, like the Drying Lotion by MARIO BADESCU. And, even though I hate this last one, I love the LIERAC! I love it!
It dries the pimple without overdrying or hurting the skin, it's super gentle and it helps a lot! You use it with the end of a cotton swab only at night (because it's really white) - when we wake up, the product is still pretty much intact. I recommend! It's not too expensive and it's definitely worth it, I promise!

HALIBUT Ointment
This is a Portuguese ointment for babies. But it does heal spots pretty quickly. It was developed for the baby's buttocks (ahah) for the rashes to heal more quickly and for the skin to be soothed. And this also happens to acne when you use this ointment. It's wonderful for acne because it's gentle and it has zinc! It's super cheap and amazing! I recommend it, always have one laying around the house.

Summing up, these products are going to work like a miracle, they won't dry a big pimple from night to day. Because they are gentle, they may work at a slower pace, but they won't cause any allergic reaction, nor will they hurt the skin.
I remember, when using more aggressive treatments, some pimples ending up so dry and hurt that they'd even bleed (what do I care if the pimple is dry when I can't even cover it up - because the foundation doesn't even grab onto the skin - and when the scar may be even worst? I don't!).
I recommend them all, specially the last two! :)

Which products do you use on your pimples? Had you heard of these? What did you think?