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Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive Skin Part III: Masks & Scrubs

So this is the third part of the article 'Gentle Products for Acne-prone Sensitive Skin'. The parts I and II are, respectively, here and here.

So now, we'll talk about masks and scrubs. I use the products I need the most, according to their functions, two and three times a week!

ClearCalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask by REN

Well, this is my go-to mask when I need to calm my acne!! Argh, if I have inflamed acne... And I do more than it's normal, this is the most delicious mask to apply. It smells like lavender and it really works! It's kind of a clay mask, but it's creamier and it doesn't dry! Your skin is left pretty clean but without that really tight and purified feeling! It's more calming than it is "purifying" - which is what we're used to when we deal with acne-fighting masks.
It's super effective! Wonderful, love it, love it! I super recommend it! The pimples get a bit less red and, above all, you stop feeling your heartbeat on them (which is just plain awful)!

Gentle Purifying Scrub by AVÈNE

This gel-scrub is just really gentle. It's not gentle enough that it doesn't do anything though! I like it a lot and recommend! Simple and effective! I use a lot of chemical and enzymatic exfoliants but sometimes you just need a good physical scrub! This is the product for the job! No fuss, no worries! :)

Balancing Mask from Ligne Fondamentale by PEVONIA

The brand says this mask is specifically for combination skin types - it purifies without overdrying and lightly hydrates the skin at the same time. I do not actually feel any hydrating effect, but it really cleans without overdrying, it does! That is super true!
It's a super creamy clay mask that dries on the skin very, very quickly! It's perfect for combination skin types that are, in fact, dehydrated and still need to be purified! I like it and recommend it! YES!

F10 Smooth & Renew Mask by REN

This one is a bit bittersweet. I like this mask a lot, it's wonderful... But this is the special version for sensitive skin types of the Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask by REN, and I always wonder how the "real one" would work on me... (I will try it in the future, even if it's just to get it out of my head!)
It's like a jelly that you spread out on your face! Some people think it has a weird texture, but, for me, it's not uncomfortable or icky at all!
You have to wait 10 minutes (I wait about 15 ahah) and then take it off with a muslim cloth, which they include in the package. I can't use that because, as I've said before, I find muslim cloths really hard and scratchy for my skin! (But my skin is really, really sensitive, so just try it out and see what it feels like for you.) I either take it off with a bamboo fiber cloth or cotton disks or balls. The formula has little grains in it so it also mechanically exfoliates the skin (very lightly) when we take the mask off. And the result is "clearer" and more luminous skin! I like it! But I will try the other one out for sure (I'll report results :p).

I'm always looking out for new masks and scrubs, but these are really the ones I'm using at the moment! Meanwhile, if I find new, better ones, I will compare them, promise!

What about you? What are your weekly (bi-weekly or tri-weekly) treatments? Do you like using masks? I must confess I love them!