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Get Your Glow On!

Now, who doesn't love a good highlighter? I must confess I arrived a little late to the party, but, since I've started using this kind of product, I won't leave the house without it on... The luminosity of the skin is something I love and enjoy, be it natural or artificial - and, when it is the latter, unless the skin is just already super oily, I always prefer cream or liquid highlighers, because the glow is unmatcheable.

I'll start by dividing these products into two categories - the illuminating primers (Clarins and Becca) and the pure highlighters (MeMeMe and Lord & Berry).

As a primer, we have the Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base by Clarins* in the shade Rose, which I love! I'd been flirting with it on the Clarins counter for a while when the brand generously sent it to me. There are three shades and this is the rosiest and fairest one. It's probably the product with the most subtle glow from the bunch, you won't be able to spot a tiny speckle of glitter. I use it over my regular primer and under the bb cream (but I must admit that I tend to double it up after too).

Tone-wise, the closest one to the Clarins is the MeMeMe Beat The Blues* in the shade Pink Pearl. This product is slightly pinkier and the glow is not as gentle, you can see micro glitter if you come close enough to it (there is also another more golden shade of this product). However, I don't dislike t at all. Even though it's not meant to be used as a primer, you can still apply it before your foundation or bb cream on the right areas. The only thing I don't like about it is the package - the brush is a bit cheap and tacky, which, in my opinion, takes the product as a whole a bit down. Between this and the Clarins, I do prefer my french one, but this is a good (and cheaper) second option.

Recently, I got this deluxe sample of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade Opal in a Space NK Goodie Bag. I was a bit puzzled when I saw the color of it, as I was expecting something fairer from the name of it. Although, even being totally bronzed (something I usually run away from), as soon as spread, you can see how subtle and pretty it can be for the summer - even for someone as fair as me.

And, lastly, we have my favorite. My first luminizer, the one and only, Luminizer Stick by Lord & Berry. It's the only product I've ever tried from the brand but I was sold from the time I saw the first swatch. The shade is called Moon, which I think is perfect because that's exactly the vibe it gives. Even though it has some more visible glitter (don't get me wrong, you don't actually see chunks of glitter, just some tiny bits of glitter if you look closely), I love it. I do love me some rose tones, that's true, but I also think they don't go completely match every outfit, while this is an universal shade. Love it! Amazing quality, fabulous creaminess! I can't not recommend!

Do you use illuminating products daily? Just on a special occasion? Or never?
Which one is your favorite here?

*PR Sample
(Clarins by Clarins / MeMeMe by Kitchen Make Up)