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Hair Talk Part III: Masks for Dry or Color Treated Hair

I'll start, not by introducing the products, but by explaining my hair mask process. So: I wash my hair only once a week (it is super, extra dry and doesn't need any more... a week later, it's not even "oily", it's just "not-so-clean").
Now, there are a lot of people who confuse dry hair with combination hair (normal or oily roots with dry ends), and, if you do, in fact, have dry hair, what you'll feel is: that you don't need to wash it more than once a week (or, at least, every five days), that you need to moisturise everyday and that, when you wash it, it even feels like your scalp is a little too clean/dry (no matter how gentle the shampoo is).

So... My technique is to use the mask after the shampoo and leave it on for, at least, half an hour. I know it's a pain and just simply boring, mainly in the winter - it can get messy! But the truth is that, even if the package says to wait 3 to 5 minutes, that is just not time enough for the product to sink into my hair.
And, after reading a lot of Brazilian blogs, I decided to adopt one of their techniques - alternate between three types of mask with three kind-of-different goals: hydration, nutrition and repair. I've always read these three expression in masks and I thought "but I need all three of them!", I just felt super confused and didn't know what to choose. With this process, I don't need to! So I'll use three masks basically every three weeks each and mix each of them with a little mask for color care!

And, without further ado, here are the masks I'm using right now:

Biolage Aqua-Immersion Deep Moisture for Dry/Very Dry Hair by MATRIX (hydration)

After experimenting some masks, I can tell you this on is pretty good! It really hydrates my hair, smells good and it's not too expesnive! I believe it's not the best on the market (if you have any suggestion, please don't be shy, leave a comment down below!), but it's definitely good. I'm taking note of every one I use and one day I'll tell the best of each! :)

Nutritive Masquintense Hair Mask for Dry Hair da KÉRASTASE (nourishment)

Well, KÉRASTASE is KÉRASTASE, isn't it? I think no product from this brand has ever really disappointed me... It's expensive, but we're absolutely sure the result is going to be great! This also smells good (however, the scent is more chemical and less "natural") and it leaves the hair super, super soft and taken care of! I like it and recommend it! If it's not the best, it's on the top 2! (Once again, if you know better, holla at me! ;))

Inner Restore Intensif Deep Repairing Mask by SENSCIENCE (repair)

Cult product among some bloggers (mainly Brazilian)! SENSCIENCE is an incredibly accessible brand for its quality... When my hair is semi-healthy (it's never fully healthy ahah!), this mask works like a charm! With a damaged hair, I might need something a wincy bit stronger! I'm experimenting the MACADAMIA mask right now (like, literally, it's on my hair right now :p) - I'll report results later - and I'd also love to experiment the KÉRASTASE one.
So people with healthy dry hair or normal to dry hair will love this! :)
You can buy it at BeautyBay.

Technician Color Care 3-Minute Mask by FEKKAI (color)

Besides treating color, it also hydrates (and, in my opinion, nourishes)! WOW! I love this mask... Before this one, I was using KÉRASTASE's Chroma Riche, which I also love (and maybe I prefer a little bit, but this one is a close second). I caught two of these travel-size tubs for about 10 euros and I'm really glad I took the risk!
You can buyt it at StrawberryNET: the full-size, two travel-size tubs like mine and only one travel-size tub. (Don't forget the store offers a product on your first order above $25 and offers a loyalty discount, as you can see here - it's worth it!).

Now I know a lot of these expressions are simply marketing at its best but (ingredients list aside, because I don't really understand much of that) I do see differences in the result between these masks! Also, instead of limiting you hair to the ingredient chosen by one brand, you get all the goodies - which, from my experience, does make a change!

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So these are my choices of the moment! What are yours?
Have you experimented any of these? And which are your techniques and tips?