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Hair Talk Part IV: The anti-brassiness treatments for platinum blonde hair

I'd been wishing on baby blonde hair for a while... But mine was always sort of golden.
So, when it went all dark on me, I decided to highlight it baby blonde... And I started to take a closer look to these purple products and to try to find the best one.

If you don't know this type of product, I'll explain the basis of it: these purple treatments can be a shampoo, conditioner, mask, ..., and they are to be used at home, usually once a week, to avoid the brassiness and yellow-ness of blonde (usually dyed) hair. Because, with the washes, and mainly with sulfate based shampoos (which is the great majority), the dyed hair tends to fade in colour. If you dye you hair blonde, you probably know what the "toner" is... Well, it's kind of like that, but a do-it-at-home kind of treatment! And, in my opinion, it's much better!

(How neat! These are all in the order I bought them and from worst to better!)

My first shampoo was L'ORÉAL Professionnel's Shine Blonde. I bought it because it was actually the first purple shampoo I'd heard of. But, first, it had sulfate, which I try to avoid at all costs. And, then, it just wasn't enough of a toner! I noticed slight differences, but I wanted more. I wanted that platinum blonde.
So I invested on PHYTO's PhytoGloss in the shade Platinum (there are 4 more shades you can choose from). I liked this better than the shampoo... I mean, the effect was more or less the same (well, maybe slightly more), but it was gentler to my hair because it really nourished it. But I wanted, as I said before, the platinum effect!
So I ventured and bought REDKEN's Color Enhancer Perfect Platinum. It was different! They describe it as a conditioning toning treatment, but it's really just a treatment, no conditioning there - I used it with a separate conditioner/mask. In spite of its lilac and very light shade, this works much better than the two products before. I can even say I was satisfied with its performance toning-wise, but it was just too drying for my hair. Even using a conditioner after it, the search for the perfect purple went on - also because my sensitive and psoriasis-prone scalp was complaining.
So, after a looot of searching, I almost stumbled upon this beauty, like it fell from heaven: EVO Fabuloso's Colour Intesifying Conditioner in the shade Platinum Blonde (there are more shades availables, this chart explains which one you should get for different blonde and brown hair shades; for redheads, if it's to keep it, choose the one closer to your shade). This was the most potent nourishment-wise and toning-wise (sometimes my hair even gets some light lilac reflexes) - this comes with a pump delivery system, but it's really a bright-deep purple mask that hydrates my hair like no other! Without a doubt, it is perfect! And, with it, my hunt is over! There is nothing better! I highly recommend it (my sister has the Mahogany shade, she has dark brown hair and the colour really sticks! However, it (and all of these treatments) grabs on much better on dyed hair (non-virgin hair)!)

These treatments don't differ much on their pricetag, so, without a freaking doubt, if you want baby blonde or platinum, go for EVO! It's the chosen one! (If you do just want a touch or spark of colour, just search a little through what the brand can offer!)

What about you? Do you use any shampoo/conditioner that enhances or that cancels any shade of your hair? Have you tried any of the above?