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Hair Talk Special Summer Edition 2013

As I've been super into haircare lately, I decided to create this little item called 'Hair Talk'. I've only done one edition yet: Shampoo for dry hair types, but I promise a lot (a whole lot) more is to come! Meanwhile, I leave you my special summer edition!


L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL’s Solar Sublime Repairing Oil Shampoo for Highlighted or Sensitized Hair: (I don’t think this one is sold anymore, at least I can’t find it in the stores. I think I bought it last year, but I’m not even sure the stock was from last year or from before that.) An oil-shampoo that lathers less than most and it is, from the four, the second least moisturizing. This shampoo captured my attention by its description but it isn’t, by fair, the most luxurious one I've tried. It doesn’t moisturize as much as many of the ones I've come across and, as to the “repairing” effect, I don’t think any shampoo can do that magic ahah. And it also has sulfate! So I wouldn't repurchase, even if I could! I don’t understand why a shampoo for sensitized dyed hair has sulfate! Makes no kind of sense!

BIOSEIVAS’s Sun Exposure Balancing Shampoo: The most moisturizing shampoo from the four! Leaves your hair super soft and supple. However, it has sulfate too! So, all the good ingredients it has, are kind of cancelled by it! Won’t purchase again!

L’ANZA’s swim&sun Daily Chelating Shampoo: The least moisturizing, but my favorite! It was one of the only sulfate-free shampoos I found for post-solar haircare! The truth is it doesn’t have any repairing or moisturizing ingredients, but I leave those functions to my treatments! This shampoo is described as a soft cleansing shampoo (since we wash our hair everyday when we’re on vacation) with no sulfate that takes the impurities away, like chlorine and salt. Even though it doesn’t have sulfate in it, it lathers up quite nicely. Actually better than most with sulfate! I really use just a tiny little bit! Ironic, ain’t it? It will not soften your hair, since that’s not its purpose, but it won’t strip it of its properties and it will help color last longer! I ask softness and repairing from the treatments I use afterwards.

MILK_SHAKE’s Sun&More All Over Shampoo*: The second most moisturizing! This, as many sun products, can be used on your hair and body! The scent is super yummy and I like it a lot! But it also has sulfate, so I keep liking L’ANZA better!

Here’s a tip, haircare brands: sulfate’s out of style! :p


MATRIX’s Sun Repair Treatment: Love this mask! Its scent is delicious! And it’s pretty hydrating and your hair is super soft after using it!

L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL’s Solar Sublime Instant Repair Mousse: (I bought this one at the same time I bought the shampoo so I'm not sure they still sell it.) A mousse that works kind of like a conditioner! It’s not my favorite choice, I don’t see that much of a difference…

MILK_SHAKE’s Sun&More Beauty Mask*: My favorite! Super hydrating and nourishing! With a typical MILK_SHAKE delicious scent! Your hair will be super soft and manageable! Not as thick as MATRIX’s, but that’s not why it doesn’t work the same or better!

BIOSEIVAS’s Sun Exposure Recuperating Mask: I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either! It’s good but not the best! Yes, it will leave your hair soft! The repairing effect I’m not so sure about... I have to say, though, my hair is not that ruined so I'm not the best judge!


KÉRASTASE's Soleil Aqua-Seal Water-Resistant Protective Oil Cream: Lovely to use! A oil in cream/gel that I apply before going to the beach and reapply when I wet my hair! Helps to keep it hydrated while protecting it from the sun, the salt and the chlorine! I like it a lot!

BIOSEIVAS’s Sun Exposure Biphasic Spray for UV Protection: Love it! I apply this after the last one and it has a really lovely almond oil scent! Very good!

L’ORÉAL PARIS’s Elvive Extraordinary Oil: Well... Last but not least I apply the extraordinary oil throughout the day! Did you know that your hair stretches a little when it gets wet? It goes back to its original state afterwards, of course! But, as our skin gets stretch-marks, the hair is also sensitized by this process if it’s not well hydrated! So you got to take care of it!

Do you use any of these? Would you like to try them? What do you use? Tell me everything!

*This product was offered to me by the brand for consideration. However, this action does not affect my opinion in any way - my opinion is my own and it's sincere and honest.