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Hand Care Plenty

Taking care of your hands is super important!! And it's something we often forget, but it's the part of our body that ages the most, since we're always washing our hands and touching every little thing (sometimes even cleaning the house without gloves on, right?).
So it's super important to have ammo against the aging and dryness of our hands' skin. Let's start with the exfoliating purifying mask by Mavala - it's a purifying mask with exfoliating beads that we spread on our hands and let act for about 5-10 minutes with a pair of disposable gloves; the skin gets sooo soft (once a week)!

Daily, I like to treat my cuticles because I hate when they're like glued to my nails... I just love to push them back and have them all neat and pretty. So, before going to bed, I apply cuticle oil... The Nails4Us oil, that is delivered through a dropper and really nourishes your cuticles! I also have the CND Solar Oil*, which is slightly more fluid and is applied with a brush - in my opinion though, it's a bit more moisturizing, with a very liquorice/artificial cherry delicious scent that I love!

When we speak of hand creams, the coice is, as you can see, huuuuge! I will start from the lighter to the richer cream, minding I use the lighter ones for the daytime and the richer ones for nighttime.
The lighter one, as I feel them, is Avène's Cold Cream. Honestly, if you have dry hands, don't buy it! And, even if you like lighter textures that aren't sticky, don't buy it because there's a lot better out there! I love the brand, but this product is just a no-no...
The lighter ones that are worth it are the three limited edition by Caudalie* with different delicious scents - blackcurrant leaf, honey vine and pink grapefruit. Very rapidly absorbed and great for when you're on-the-go! And, right next to them, we have the cousin Hand and Nail Cream also by Caudalie - with a very citrus scent and slightly richer than the last ones, but it still asorbs quite quickly and I also apply it during the day, always on my wallet.
Then we have Neutrogena, the classic hand cream, which isn't really light, but isn't really oily either... It's a waxy kind of balm that moisturizes hands... I used to love it and I still think it does the job, but I prefer cream textures nowadays, and I even prefer the Caudalie ones above.
Moving on, we have Corine de Farme's moisturizing balm* which is really like a creamy balm, because it's super thick, but it isn't really oily... It does give you that sticky feeling right about when you stop rubbing it into your hands, but, if you wait about 5 minutes, it suddenly absorbs and we're ready to go.
And, finally, Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Hand Cream, another classic - the creamier and oilier... It's not something out of this world, but it's good and it moisturizes pretty well... But there are better ones out there!

And, speaking of better ones, for nighttime, I recommend L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand Cream because it's super thick and oily and moisturizing... I gave mine to my mom, who is obsessed by it, but, I think you understand, I need to finish off my stock before I buy another one!

Wow... I'm done! So looong, I'm sorry! Haha
Now tell me: what is/are your(s) favourite product(s) when it comes to hands? xx

*PR Samples