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HARE Polish Galore!

hare polish
hare polish
peepshow magique hare polish
flight of the flamingos hare polish
rococo grandeur hare polish

(left to right; top to bottom: Peepshow Magique, Flight of the Flamingos, Rococo Grandeur)

I could say I'm a nail polish addict... But what I really am addicted to, even though I am a semi-minimalist gal, is glitter nail polish! And, in that area, HARE polish takes the cake!
Their polishes are, as you can see, super original and adorable.

The only downside is that, due to the big chunks of glitter, they last a little less time on me than the usual polish (instead of 4-5 days, they usually start chipping at the third day - but, if I apply a layer of topcoat in the middle of the week, I can avoid that).

What about you? Do you like glitter nail polish or do you prefer to tone it down a bit?
Did you know HARE polish already?