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Have a LUSHIE Little Christmas Part II

lush christmas yog nog soap icing on the cake roulade
lush christmas yog nog soap icing on the cake roulade
lush fresh face mask cranberry rosy cheeks

As promised, when I showed you the LUSH products they sent me this Christmas time, I went back to the store to get me some more treats.

The Cranberry and Rosy Cheeks fresh masks were obvious choices, you know I love LUSH's fresh face masks and wanted to try the new additions. Cranberry is limited edition, the other one is not. I looooooove Cranberry, it really revitalises your skin and makes it plump and fresh. However, I do like Rosy Cheeks even better, so much so that I actually featured it in my November favourites video: it's light and smells amazing, will leave your skin super calm and purified. I like it a lot, specially now that the winter weather has settled in.
(You can see my review of the other fresh face masks Cupcake & Catastrophic Cosmetic, Cosmetic Warrior and Oatifix.)

I brought a big chunk of the Yog Nog soap, which you know I LOVE and is also a monthly favourite. I love the smell and touch, I love everything! It nourishes the skin, because it doesn't have sulfates, and leaves a delicious scent in your bathroom. I also brought a bit of The Icing On The Cake Roulade, which is a shower cream - basically a very creamy cleansing bar. It has an adorable scent, not as sweet as Yog Nog but equally delicious; no sulfates as well so it's quite gentle on the skin - it actually looks like a roll of ham but it's quite sweet.

And I even got a sample of the Bohemian soap (no sulfates as well, so really gentle), with a wonderful citrusy scent that really revives me - great for morning showers and I think I will actually take this on as my summer soap when the time comes.

Tell me about it: have you gone to a LUSH near you this Christmas time? Don't forget a lot of these products are limited edition and will maybe only come back next year, maybe not even at all! I think I'm still going back for another piece of that Yog Nog so it can last me all winter.