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Have Yourself a LUSHIE Little Christmas

lush christmas 2015 fairy dust lord of misrule peeping santa santa baby magic of christmas
lush christmas fairy dust lord of misrule peeping santa bar humbug reindeer rock soap
lush christmas reindeer rock soap santa's belly jelly
lush christmas yog nog soap bath bomb

Ain't nothing sweeter than getting home to a LUSH package. And when it's a LUSH Christmas package, it's just all the better.
Last year, I got some sweet things and went back for seconds, check them out here because some of them are also available this year (and yes, I'm going back for that Yog Nog soap, yes I am). So I'll maybe do a second LUSH Xmas post after I go there on Friday and indulge a little.

So first we have the Lord of Misrule Shower Cream*, that's a Halloween product that stayed over for Christmas. It's a lovely green-tinted shower milk that cleanses thoroughly even though it doesn't lather up much. Now, it still has SLS so I won't apply if my skin is specially freaking out but other than that it's great.

Then we have the Fairy Dust Dusting Powder*, which you can apply on your body and linen. It shares a scent with the best seller Snow Fairy shower gel but it's frankly a bit too tutti-frutti for me (literally, it's a very sweet and fruity scent). So I am going to re-gift it to a friend but I love the idea and if you like those type of scents, you'll get along with this just fine.

The Peeping Santa** is a lovely-smelling bubble bar that I cannot wait to try. Unfortunately I am not blessed with a tub in Lisbon, but I will give this a shot when I go back home in December. Same goes for Bar Humbug*** and The Magic of Christmas*** reusable bubble bar - I've used these stick ones before and they really go a long way, solid investment. Now the Yog Nog bath bomb** is the 1st one on my list when I find myself a tub because I LO-HOVE the Yog Nog soap, that crème brulée/eggnog scent is irresistible.

The Reindeer Rock soap* is just lovely, I love LUSH soaps and have used nothing since last Christmas. I fell in love with the Yog Nog and then used the Gay Is Ok one and their textures are just so lovely, I keep coming back for more. This one has a berry-ish scent that's actually not too sweet for me.

Finally, we have the Santa's Belly shower jelly** which is so cute, sparkly and very refreshing and the Santa Baby lip stain* - I had tried this I think two year's ago when it came in a tin and was surprised at how pigmented it really was; this is even better because it's just as pigmented but in a stick so less messy!

That was rather long, sorry. But do tell, what are your picks of the bunch this Christmas at LUSH?
Keep posted for the second post