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How To Fake That Tan


Today's post is, once again, related to today's video, which you can watch here.
We're taking fake glow. It's summer! And we all love a good tan (even if like me, you're very pale and enjoy a very subtle one). So when I'm away from the beach, this is the team I rely on. (And honestly, even when I go to the beach, my face doesn't tan as much as my body and faking is always helpful to even things out.)

For the body, I love the Hand Chemistry Glow Body Oil, which is a biphasic product with a half clear, half glittery solution. It gradually and subtly adds a glowy tan to your body. It is DHA free and you can use it by itself or mix it with a moisturiser if you're feeling nervous about the outcome. I've tried both and I do prefer mixing because I'm very pale, but even the pure oil does not stain (and I applied with my hands, no mitt, so it's completely fool-proof).

For our faces, there's the Hylamide Glow Booster, which is the equivalent of the Glow Body Oil but for face. Also DHA free, it's a serum that's very subtle as well but has no sheen or gliterry particles. Sinks well into your skin and you can follow up with the rest of your skincare. Perfect! So natural, it really helps even my face and body out.

Lastly, we have the old-school Clarins Liquid Bronze Self-Tanning Lotion. You apply it on top of your skincare routine with a cotton pad to make sure it's even. It's a little stronger than the Hylamide but still very, very subtle when we're talking general self-tanners. Super pretty golden glow! Love this! I even use the Hylamide first and then this on top if I want that extra wow effect. That's how fool-proof and subtle they all are. There is a more intense version of this Clarins Lotion though, if you're darker or are feeling confident, the Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint.

So these are my choices for sensitive and very pale skin. I love a golden tint but also love not being an oompa loompa so... There you go!
Make sure you watch today's video so you can see my summer time beach babe go-to makeup routine. And please tell me: do you self-tan? Or do you leave it up to the sun?