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Hylamide SubQ + Boosters

hylamide sub q anti age booster glow low-molecular ha

I've been using and talking about Hylamide for a while so I thought it was about time I wrote a proper post on these serums.
Hylamide is part of the Deciem program and startup, though they are currently sold in other stores too.

The first one I had (this being my second bottle) is the SubQ Anti-Age, the purple one. It is a super hydrating and anti-aging serum base filled with plenty of hyaluronic acid. And what does that mean? It means, this is kind of like the mandatory serum of the line (do not take this literally) and then you can add a booster on top of that. It is very fluid and sinks in quickly with just a touch of tackiness that is characteristic of this star ingredient.

The Glow Booster is already familiar around here. I spoke about it on my post about self-tanners and it is rather amazing in its simplicity. Read that post if you need more info but, to sum up, it's a very gentle daily self-tanner that is dha free and doesn't make you look like an oompa loompa EVER yet gives you a healthy radiance.

The Low-Molecular HA is a hydration booster, an extra kick of hyaluronic acid that is extra thick and tacky. Just what you need when your skin actually looks like it's thirsty. This will be your dehydrated skin's milkshake!

Have you tried Hylamide? What do you think of it?
I am dying to try the SubQ for eyes! Come to me, green little monster!