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IGNAE: Skincare from Azores

IGNAE skincare azores peptide and lactobionic acid day complex peptides and stem cells night complex haloxyl and stem cells intense eye complex
IGNAE skincare azores peptide and lactobionic acid day complex peptides and stem cells night complex haloxyl and stem cells intense eye complex texture swatches

Today I’m here to talk to you about a Portuguese brand: IGNAE.
I’ve been corresponding with them since before the brand was released and I must say I was honoured, to say the least, that they wanted me to try out their products.

They came in the mail around two months ago and, even though I knew I liked them right away, I just had to test them for a longer period to make sure I could confirm long term results AND, in my case of very acne-prone skin, to make sure they didn’t break me out.
I cannot tell you how many lovely textured products give me a glowing, plump and hydrated skin everyday, only for me to realise later on they’re actually breaking me out. So the glow is not worth it!

But this is not the case, at all!

Regarding the Peptides & Lactobionic Acid Day Complex*, I was quite taken by the texture - which is super creamy and soufflé-like but in a very light and non-greasy way. It definitely nourishes my skin to no end but It doesn’t make my skin “sweat” (which sometimes happens with heavier formulas and is not good for acne).

It keeps my skin balanced and in check and my moisture levels up! Yet it doesn’t make my skin oily - so it’s perfect!
I did not get the chance to test it in the London harsh winter weather of Dec-Jan but it certainly did lovely in Feb-Mar. And it’s still working for me in the Spring. But I do suspect it’ll be a little too much for actual Summer, specially in Portugal.

It is formulated with a bunch of amazing and hydrating ingredients, such as panthenol, hyaluronic acid, aloe juice and the basic glycerin and its base is thermal water! The lactobionic acid is way up the list, which is good! It is a PHA (poly hydroxy acid), an alternative to glycolactic and lactic acid (both AHAs) and it tends to be gentler though, according to some studies, has the same effect. Disclaimer though, I'm not an expert in ingredients, so do correct me if I'm wrong!!
AND it also contains some hydrolized proteins that are known to boost radiance and glow in your skin.
Also has camellia oil, olive oil and shea butter (I was worried, acne-wise, about the latter two but they did not break me out - both are way down the list and shea butter is not always comedogenic, depends on purity and filtering process and such; for example my lovely blue cocoon is shea butter based and my skin LOVES it).

The Peptides & Stem Cells Night Complex* is actually quite similar in terms of texture, I’d say maybe slightly heavier (but just a smidge).
Again, very comforting and creamy (which I love) but not in a greasy way.

NOW, it’s very rare for me to wake up in the morning and not feel my skin tightening up (I have hella dehydration due to several acne treatments over the years). And this product is usually no different. But it does keep my skin clear, while delivering a good amount of nourishment and hydration. And it pairs very lovely with my facial oils.

In terms of ingredients, it's quite similar to the Day Complex but contains more oils, minus the lact. acid and plus the ceramides. I don't know exactly where the stem cells go in, but stem cells have never been effectively linked to skin regeneration (as brands often make it seem) so I don't honestly care.

I don't usually talk so much about ingredients, but, in this case, I felt it was needed. Because the inci list on these is just SO BOMB!!
(You can't currently find it on the website, though, which is a shame... They're working on it!
In the meantime I'm listing it at the end of the post.)

Both of these are honestly AMAZING if you’re starting to look at anti-ageing products in your mid 20’s, early 30’s and still have acne. Specially if you’re dehydrated!!
If you’re properly oily, this might not be the pair for you. But I wouldn't rule it out either.
LOVELY formulas, textures and all!

The Haloxyl & Stem Cells Eye Complex* is not as loved, though it’s not hated at all.
But it’s not an eye cream, it’s more a fluid… So more of a complex as the name suggests, more like a treatment serum.
My eyes are actually quite dry (the eyeball too lol but you know what I mean). So this doesn’t cut it for me in the colder weather. Maybe in the summer it’ll work a bit better.

So, for now, I’ve been using it as a serum under a heavier eye cream. And it works well! Though I don’t think I have wrinkles deep enough to see any result off of this. So I can’t be too sure if it’s doing something. But, as I say, better to prevent!!

Inci wise, again, very similar in the ingredients, they have a well established base formula and they're not keen on changing it: which is smart!!
But here we do see both the lactobionic acid + ceramides together, which is lovely!
And haloxyl is actually a patented group of ingredients, rather than a solo ingredient. So that's why it's not listed on the inci list below. It has great reputation though.

ONLY thing I don't like about this range is kind of the packaging. I do LOVE the pump system because it preserves the ingredients quality throughout the use without oxidation. However, the pump itself can oxidise the tiny bit of product left on it, so if I don't use it for a couple of days and then go back to the product, a little goopy hard part comes out. Which is then wasted! And that's sad! But that's the only negative point on my end.

So... Sorry for the long post today. To be truthful I've putting off this post for a while because I knew it'd be a really long one since I'm so passionated about the products. But I highlighted the most important parts if you just want to quickly read through it :)

What do you think abou these?
Would you fancy giving them a whirl?

They ship worldwide and the website offers shipping with orders above €100 (around £85 / $108). You can buy them here.
I DEFINITELY recommend if you worry about dehyration and/or first signs of ageing. (I'm not not recommending for deep wrinkles, I just don't know enough to recommend ahah)

Let me know your thoughts on these if you tried them, really! Because I'm in love!

* PR Sample