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Is La Mer Worth It?

la mer eye balm is la mer worth it

Short answer: No.

La Mer is one of the most coveted skincare brands ever! How did it happen? Well, a myth of a magical formula that no longer even exists in the La Mer products + a ridiculous, so-overpriced-it's-actually-hilarious pricetag = people blindly thinking it's expensive, therefore it's fancy and good!

Now, I have never been lured into the La Mer fever, to be honest. The products just did not appeal to me and the formula of their most popular moisturiser, the one that started it all, is surprisingly similar to that of a blue tin of NIVEA. That costs about what? 1% of the price? And a lot of their products also contain mineral oil (hello, NIVEA again) and vaseline which, in my opinion, don't let the skin "breath". What I mean by that is that they will clog your pores... And even for the dry skin types, they're just not that good at moisturising - they keep moisture from leaving your skin but do not offer anything else. But what are they? Cheap, yes, very, very cheap. And if I'm buying a product that is over £100 (and they're more expensive than that), mineral oil in the inci list is just plain mocking me!

However, recently a friend of mine did a beauty cleanse on her stash and one of the products she "binned" (aka told me "do whatever you want with this") was the La Mer eye balm intense. So I thought to myself, you know what? It's a balm... For undereye area! How bad could it really be? Plus, this specific product had no mineral oil or vaseline.

Result? Within a week of using it, not only did it not leave my undereye magically moisturised (just regular moisturised) but it did give me milia.
That's when you get tiny white bumps on your eye area, similar to whiteheads that occur kind of for the same reason: occlusion of your pores - in whiteheads it's sebum and crap and here it's keratin.

So... Not going anywhere near La Mer ever, ever again! Of course that's MY opinion.

Have you ever tried La Mer products? Or were enticed by their fame?