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JULY Empties

Well, here we go: July Empties!

Qi Gong 24h Anti-perspirant by RITUALS This spray was actually offered to me and I think I would've never bought it for myself. I like it and its scent is pretty good! But, formula-wise, I didn't find it much different than the drugstore deodorants. It's good but I don't think I'll purchase it!

Hyséac oil-free SPF 50+ fluid by URIAGE I think you already know this sunscreen by now, right? Every once in a while it's featured in one of my posts ahah Yes! It's a definite favorite! I'm on my third or fourth and I like it a lot! For a detailed review, click here.

Apostle Skin-Brightening and Tone-Correcting Serum by ANTIPODES The acne spots and I have a long-lasting relationship (and that happens, of course, because the acne-Raquel relationship seems like it'll last forever and ever!) so there's always one or more brightening and anti-spot treatments in my "bag". This one was a good bet, I like it a lot! I won't repurchase it because I've come up with a new attack strategy (that I will soon write about), but I liked it and, if you suffer from acne spots, rosacea and any kind of blotchiness, I recommend this!

Miracle Cleanser by AURELIA SKINCARE (deluxe sample)* I spoke about this recently here on the blog so there's not much to say... I love it! It's very soft and properly cleans the skin! Its scent is somewhat strong and smells like essential oils, very calming - I will definitely purchase it!

Telescopic mascara by L'ORÉAL PARIS The cult-mascara for me! Honestly, I've tried a looooot of mascaras but none has the same WOW effect as this one has on me!! It's wonderful! I know not a lot of people like the wand and the result as much as I do, but I am truly nuts about it!! It really pulls my eyelashes (not hurting, of course) to curl them... I will repurchase and repurchase forever!

Oil Miracle Light Finishing Oil for Fine/Normal Hair by SCHWARZKOPF PROFESSIONAL (sample) This is obviously for fine and normal hair, which mine is absolutely not! However, I used it and like it a lot! I imagine what the regular one must be like! I'm excited to try it out soon!! :)

Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet by CAUDALIE I can't explain to you how much I love this moisturizer. It's creamy but light, but it hydrates, but not too much... I don't know! I can't quite put a finger on it, but I love it! I experimented a new moisturizer this month but this is still my favorite! For summer, though, it might not be "fresh" enough... When the cold settles in, I'll repurchase for sure!

Allergy Lotion SPF 50+ by PIZ BUIN I like it! Light formula that's rapidly absorbed and protects me from the sun pretty well! That's enough to win me over! Ahah, and the scent is also delicious! I always associate it with tan and bronze, I don't know why... Childhood memories, I guess!

Elvive Extraordinary Oil by L'ORÉAL PARIS I loooooove it! It's like the 5th one I got and I already got a new one as well! I like this a lot and it's probably the only drugstore product I'm applying to my hair right now - it's definitely a favorite!

Tell me... What are your favourites? Have you had a different experience with any of these? Did I put something on your wishlist?

*PR Sample