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June Empties

Well, I bring you the first edition of "empties" - June! I know it's been a week but it's been a very weird, busy week in Lisbon! So here they are:

HELEN SEWARD's Argan Elisir moisturizing mask for all hair types: It took a while to go but it went! I like this mask a lot... However, it can be a bit heavy on thinner hair types. For dry, coarse hair like mine, it's great! The hair gets silky and smooth and its scent is divine! I haven't decided if I'll repurchase or not, but, if I don't, it's because I'm too curious about tryig out new products ahah

L'ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL's Absolut Repair Cellular shampoo and mask for dry hair: Love this duo! Many of my readers told me the shampoo left their hair oily, but that's because these products were made for very dry hair (dry from root to bottom; if you don't feel your roots dry, then you hair is most likely combination! :p) They're moisturizing and treat your hair really well. I will probably repurchase the mask but not the shampoo because it contains sulfate!

PHYTO's Phytojoba moisturizing shampoo for dry hair: I liked this one a lot too, but also has sulfate so... no, no on the re-purchasing.

KÉRASTASE's Nutritive Bain Satin 2 nourishing shampoo for dry and thick hair: Again, love this shampoo! But, because of the sulfate, I will not repurchase!!

PHYTO's Phytoapaisant calming spray for irritated and sensitive scalps: I liked this spray a lot! It has a nice minty scent that calms the scalp almost instantly (and that I love)... However, I feel that this effect doesn't last more than 24h, so you end up spending a lot of product if you have an angry scalp! I bought a KÉRASTASE scalp serum now and I feel that its effect is more long-lasting, so I'm probably not repurchasing this one! But, if you're looking for a quick fix, this is good!

VASELINE's Cocoa Radiant Body Butter for dry skin: This is a products that is always around my house and, sometimes, even two or three of them! Its scent is delicious, very cocoa-buttery (yum!) and it's really thick and oily and heavy. I use it when I feel my skin really cracking and extra dry and in need of extraordinary moisture. I love it!

SEPHORA's chocolate praline body scrub: This is from the old SEPHORA collection and it took a while to run out of it because it seems I buy A LOT body scrubs! So I loved the texture and the scent (I still sniff the air coming out of it)! It's not out of this world but it scrubbed well enough! Much softer than the RITUALS one, but it's not too soft either! :) I can't repurchase now, but I did get two of these at the time so I approved!

BABÉ's Stop AKN Skin Balance Moisturiser for acne-prone combination and oily skin: I liked this moisturiser a lot, but it wasn't irreplaceable! And, lately, I need more moisturizing products so I shouldn't repurchase just yet! But I'll say it again, for acne-prone skin people that are looking for a fresh and light moisturiser that'll keep impurities at bay, it's a good bet!

LIERAC PRESCRIPTION's Calming and Soothing Micellar Solution for dry, normal and combination skin types: I adore it, love it, love it! Already bought the second one! Highly recommend it!

CLARINS's Instant Light illuminating pen: Liked this a lot too! It last a long time (about 3 years)! I won't repurchase because, meanwhile, I fell in love with BY TERRY's Touche Veloutée illuminating concealer! But this one a very good (and less expesnive) second choice!

NIVEA's body conditioner for dry skin (sample): Not impressed! On my less-dry-areas, I noticed a little bump in hydration but nothing special. On my dry zones, it was as if I hadn't applied anything! Disappointing! Won't purchase!

NATURA BISSÉ's Oxygen Cream for all skin types (specially congested ones) (sample): I liked the results of this product a lot (I had 3 sample, it lasted me a few days), but it dries the skin a lot! I can't use this at the moment, but I feel very tempted to purchase it in the future!! For those of you with congested skin that isn't very prone to dehydration, I recommend it!

ESTÉE LAUDER's Avanced Night Repair for all skin types (sample): So I always associated this product to anti-aging skincare! I was surprised to find out through a friend of mine that it actually helped her in her acne because it helped the scars and even active pimples heel faster. Still doubting, I went to the official website of the brand and the online assistant kindly explained that it would be perfect for my skin! It would speed the cell turnover process and help the acne heeling. Also, our skin starts aging by the time we're 20, but it'll only start showing at 30. So starting to use some light anti-aging products (without overdooing it) at 20 might not be a bad idea! :) And I AM LOVING IT! I can't believe I hadn't ever used this before! I have two samples to go but I will definitely purchase it! Oh yes!

Did I clear any doubt of yours? Do you use any of these? Have you had a different experience?
Tell me everything!!