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KIMBERLY SAYER Tangerine & Calendula Healing Light Night Cream

I've been wanting to do this review for a whiiiile! But I'd been using acne treatments lately and you know some just say to apply to a cleansed face, no cream, so I was postponing using this cream. But, boy, do I regret it!!
Do you remember the posts about Gentle Products for Acne-Prone Skin? At the time I said I wasn't going to talk about moisturisers because I felt that none really applied to the subject, but this beauty fell from heaven shortly after!

Well this magic tub was very generously sent to me by the online natural & organic beauty store Amazingy, which is simply the best online store EVER! It's is based in Germany and has the best (and some are exclusively sold there within Europe) organic brands. Besides, the costumer service is fantastic (at checkout, you can even explain your skin type and what you've been wanting to try for them to send you samples that are chosen specifically for you), they're green and supportive (for each order made, they plant a tree and, at the same time, they support small charity projects from all over the world - 10% of the price of the order (and you can see their development on the site)). Ok, enough chi chat, they're lovely and sweet and give us all the reasons we need to shop there (check the inferior right corner, wink wink).
I could be saying all of this because they've been super sweet and sent me some beauty treats, but no! I was a client before the partnership, so you can trust me! ;)

Moving on (a la Katherine from the series Greek, anyone see it?), this Tangerine & Calendula Healing Light Night Cream* (holy hell, huge name) by KIMBERLY SAYER is a night cream, as the name says, but it isn't necessarily moisturizing. Well, it does moisturize lightly, but what it really does is calm acneic and inflamed skin, lightens the spots and helps heal the scars left by those damned pimples. And I must say it does a hell of a job!
It calms the skin almost instantly and I can guarantee that, within the first few days, you will see a slight difference in your skin's texture and spots. It's an angel!
Actually, the brand even says it helps against the first age signs (but that's a part that, fortunately, I can't test just yet) and it helps us sleep calmly (this last one is because of its tea-like herbal scent).

The texture is, however, a little different from the usual night creams... It's a light cream that absorbs pretty quickly (if you don't overuse it, otherwise you'll be massaging for a while) and the skin is left matte.
And the best part? It's healthy and chemical-free. And the even better part? (That makes no sense, I know.) It's pretty affordable for 60 ml and a little goes a long way. I highly recommend it for inflamed and sensitized acneic skin.

Had you heard of Amazingy or KIMBERLY SAYER? Have you experiment anything from the brand or have you shopped at this store?