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Lash It Out - Eyelash Conditioning Duo

If there's something I think is indispensable in any look is mega curled lashes! And I've learned through my aunt that our lashes are actually semi-traineable... What does this mean?, you ask. It means that we can train our lashes to be curlier than they are, even if they're super duper flat (which was my case)... I started this process on my junior year and they've gone from iron-flat to amazingly curled (you need love, care, and Telescopic by L'Oréal). However, using mascara for 5 days out of 7 takes its toll and our lashes can get tired and damaged and basically start falling out.

To start, I use the Dioptidémaq eye makeup remover jelly by Lierac (I wrote about it here and suspect it was discontinued, for my undying sadness because I'm on my third tube and was planning to buy it for life), which is the gentler one I could ever find and, to be honest, the only one I can use nowadays, because it's a jelly that will melt all your makeup away oh-so-very-gently.

Then, I trust my lash care to this wonderful duo now:
The Rodial Glamolash is a lash serum, that you apply to the base of the eyelashes, much like an eyeliner, at night. It's clear and it never stings (actually it did happen a day or two when my eyes were really, extremely sore - but I must say I have allergic conjunctivitis, so it's normal, because, on those days, the regular air stings, everything stings).
I had mentioned a similar serum here though, the Double Lash by Mavala, do you remember?
I think this one lasts longer, but, performance-wise, they're very close.

PureLash Conditioner by Jane Iredale is another story: it's like a primer that you'll apply directly on your lashes before your mascara, leaving a white cast on them. Besides nourishing your lashes, it will leave them pretty primed, and, by that, I mean with a whole lot of body and curvature. I lo-hove this product, more than the Rodial even, and I think I will always repurchase it (till death do us part).

Do you use anything on your lashes? Do you have them naturally curly or they-don't-even-peak-flat? :)
Tell me everything!