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Lash Lifting with LVL Lashes (my three month experience)

Before: bare eye (left), with mascara (right)
lash lifting with LVL
Right after on bare eye (left), two days after on bare eye (right)
lash lifting with LVL
One week after: on bare eye (left), with mascara (right)
eyelash lifting with LVL
Two months after: on bare eye (left), with mascara (right)
eyelash lifting with LVL
Three months after: on bare eye (left), with mascara (right)

This is a review that will be a bit painful to write... Not only because it'll be long and I want it to be thorough but not overbearing, but also because it's a negative one. And, before I start, I want to remind you that what works for me may not work for you and vice-versa - all of our organisms are different!

So, if you can remember, about 3 months ago, I was invited to do a lash treatment by this local salon: an eyelash treatment with the brand LVL Lashes* - you can see it in detail in this Lisa Eldridge video.
Just to rewind a little, the process does not involve fake lashes, but it hydrates, curls and tints (not necessary and not part of the treatment) our eyelashes, as you can see in the photos above.
This treatment is meant to last 2 months, about 3 if you use the lash serum (which is bought separately). I really did use it twice a day so I was expecting it to last 3 months, but it did not.

What happens is not that the volume and curve disappear - they do become less prominent, but they persist -, what really happens is that your lashes fall off and so the new ones are your regular ones.
So this is how it goes: I treat my lashes like I treat my hair, with the utmost respect, quality products, gel-based formulas only for makeup removers (because those are the gentler ones) and even eyelash serums I always apply before bed. As a result, only one lash or less would fall a week when I took my eye makeup off - so, with the help of the serums (some of which I mentioned here and here), my lashes would grow to their maximum length and even hold on a bit before they fell (regular lashes, without this help, rarely grow to their full potential and fall off more often).
Well, mine appeared to be pretty flat before the treatment, but, as you can see from the first photo, they were really flexible and, with L'Oréal Paris's Telescopic mascara, they used to get pretty foxy (photo 2). This was the mascara I used for all photos, just that there was no doubt about it.

In the first days after the treatment, I was on cloud nine! I even wore my bare eyes to college on a few nude, lazy days. BARE EYES. TO COLLEGE. But, about 2 weeks after, I started noticing they were falling off more often, like 2 or 3 when I took my makeup off. And, even when I wore no makeup, they would stll just randomly fall off, I didn't even rub my eyes. I did not worry though, and I continued to be pretty happy with the result.
When the second month hit though, you can tell I was getting pretty sparse, like a half-plucked chicken. And when you get sparse, babes, there is no mascara that can help you, there's blank spaces all around!
And then I got to the end of the 3 months and, as you can see, I had no single eyelash that went through the treatment left - it's all new, tiny and blonde.

I must admit I was not expecting this! I didn't think it would last forever, but I thought I'd go in for a touch-up after 2-3 months, not that I would renew my whole eyelash stock every 3 months. Because what happened is that I was happy for 1 month, 1 month of half and half and now 3 months or something waiting for them to fully grow back, because they're all babies! Even if I went for a second dose of the treatment, the result would never be the same as the first one because my lashes are like half as long as those were.

In my opinion, it's not worth it. I'd rather invest in a good lash serum and a good mascara and I can get my pleasant original look only when I wear makeup. Done!

I spoke to Bruna (the technician and establishment owner and she said no one ever reported this and no one ever said they were unhappy with the treatment, so I do believe this could be just a random fail just for me.
However, even though the lash tinting was only supposed to last a month, it lasted till the very end, all the last lashes to fall were still pitch black! So that's something to go for if you have really light lashes like mine!

I should also note that I did not change a single eye product in the last four months so that the review and opinion could be honest and true. And I followed instructions given to me.
I should also say that I know of people who have gotten this treatment and it went very well, so, obviously, different people react to treatments differently.

What about you? Did you ever try this treatment or some other one? How did you react?

*Treatment kindly offered by the salon mentioned above