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London Beauty Buys

I've just arrived from London this week and I've decided to let you in on my beauty buys while in the UK.

Let's start by the the Pore Minimizer primer by DIOR launched very recently... I haven't tried it on my face yet, but I'm super excited! Eeep!
Also bought One Heck of a Blot by SOAP & GLORY that I'd been keeping under my eye for quite a while, thanks to the lovely Essie and oh, my lord!, isn't it lovely? It's amazing! Best mattifying powder I ever tried, even if I've only used it for a short while... At the same time, I got those two Matte Balms by REVLON in the shades #210 Unapologetic and #215 Shameless and the Smoky Shadow Stick #201 Torch also by REVLON.
Now, if there's a color I hate (and I don't hate any other) is orange! I'm not a fan, I confess... Except on the lips! On the lips, I love it! I love it so much I bought both TOPSHOP's Lip Stick in the shade Hedonist and Gloss Ink in the shade Relentless! You'll love this last one, it's neon but deep, it's beautiful! I was stunned!
As I tend to wear more sober shades on my eyes, leaving the color to the lips, I got two LAURA MERCIER eye shadows in the shades Plum Smoke and African Violet - two colors from the brand's Artist's Palette that I so regret not buying (I still drooled over Guava, which went straight to my wishlist... Right about there, the palette was paid :'( So sad!).
And, because I needed it, I bought the travel lip brush by & OTHER STORIES, which was pretty cheap! Perfect!

Body-products-wise, I bought the scrub and body butter from the range Smoothie Star by SOAP & GLORY: the Breakfast Scrub + the Body Buttercream. I've been wanting to try the scrub for a long time, thanks to Miss Lily Pebbles!
And then, from & OTHER STORIES, I got the body scrub Secret Haven (oh, what a scent, it's kind of an elegant one too ahah) and the body soufflé Punk Bouquet, which I love, but think it's more of a summer-y scent, because it's sweet but fresh!

To finish it off, I bought the lightly colored dry shampoo in the shade light blonde by BATISTE, not because I need its main function, but because the colour kind of hides my roots (I basically needed to dye my hair every two weeks... My hair grows almost 2 cms in a month... Ridiculous!) And those "hair grips" bobby pins in an adorable blonde colour I got at BOOTS!
Moreover, I bought that scalp conditioner for my psoriasis (that has been out of control) by BAREFOOT BOTANICALS and, also, the moisturizing and repairing balm Saviour Skin Balm by ANTIPODES for my way-too-dehydrated skin.

Well... For me, I would've bought this world and the other, but these were my choices and I'm quite happy with them!
Do you know / own any of these beauties? Tell me everything!