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LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask
LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask
LUSH Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask

Lately my skin has been lovely! Except for the damn blackheads! And damned they are…
So I’ve been comparing a lot of products and, at LUSH, I found Cosmetic Warrior. Oh, LUSH… It’s a never-ending love! But, when I went to buy it, it was out of stock. However, a sample of it was given to me when I bought their Volcano Foot Mask. And I think the sample was almost as big as a full size fresh mask. They told I’d be able to use it 3/4 times, but I’d used it 5 times already when I took this picture, generously, and I still had all of this left.
So I bring you this little review:

Spots! Oily areas! Blackheads! The frustration of having breakout prone skin can incite aggressive, ‘industrial’ type cleaning. Unfortunately, breakout prone skin is often very sensitive, so using harsh cleansers can actually make the problem worse. Don’t over attack your skin; lead it firmly down the path to salvation with Cosmetic Warrior. Cosmetic Warrior is kind to problem-laden faces thanks to moisturizing egg whites and honey, which smooth and tighten the pores. Antiseptic garlic and tea tree oil effectively clean and disinfect spots for a fresh, clear face.

Texture: Its texture, like Cupcake’s, is very thick and dense. It has garlic and eggs, so, yeah, it doesn’t smell pretty! But it’s not as bad as it sounds either... It has a blargh smell, true, but it also smells like most clay masks – this masks the bad smell a little (no pun intended).

Immediate results: The skin is really clean, fresh and healthy after using it.
Long term results: The skin is cleaner for a longer time but it doesn’t eliminate the blackheads it speaks of! This was a little disappointing to me.
Pros: Cleanses the skin and it’s good mask to use often. It doesn’t dry the skin and it’s not aggressive to sensitive skin, but still removes all the impurities.
Cons: Doesn’t wash away your blackheads which was, after all, my goal.
Rating: 4 / 5

Deep down, I think I will purchase this mask once this sample is done because I do like it so much, despite the unpleasant smell. But I will have to find another solution for the blackheads, who like my nose so much.

Now tell me... Have you experimented this mask or any other LUSH fresh mask? And, by the way, what do you use to keep your skin out of these blackheaded stinkers?